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Effect Audio : Signature Series Review


Effect Audio, a name we associate with quality and elegance has been really active in the audiophile market, launching high end IEMs and cables. But this time around, they are introducing a new set of cables with the Signature Series which consists of 3 cables. Introducing ARES S, CADMUS and EROS S. Last time I reviewed their Ares 2+ cables and they were one of the best pure copper cables I have used irrespective of the asking price. But Effect Audio took the Ares series off the shelves couple of months ago. Effect Audio has established themselves as one of the leaders in cable industry and not having a cable in this price range made no sense, and here we are.

Interestingly I was unaware of the names of these cables. They came with their prototype names on them and it was seriously confusing to me. It’s a relief now. The replacement of the Ares 2 is Ares S, it’s a pure copper cable and is priced at $179. Cadmus is the SPC cable with a price tag of $199 and the Eros S with Hybrid cores is priced at $299. All these cables ship with Con-X, no need to pay extra, but if you want the set, it has to be purchased separately or buy two cables!!

These cables jump right into one of the most aggressive price bracket of $150 to $300. They face competition from a lot of brands and boutique cable makers. Let’s find out what these cables are all about. So… jump right in!!

Get one from this link:


1. If you decide to buy two cables from the Signature series, effect audio will add a set of Con-X connectors without any extra charges, valid till 30th june.

2. There is 7days return policy if you do not like the cable. Shipping will be on the buyer though.


I don’t know how Effect audio will explain this but these cables have more accessories than their Flagship IEM, Axiom. First thing that greets us is the newly designed Y splitter held in place by a piece of velvet covered holder, this is reasonable given that it is center piece of this cable and is one of the most attractive Y splitter used by Effect audio. The cable is placed under that, tied with a leather push button strap. There is some documentation with info of the cable and the signature series. Underneath is the uniquely designed storage case which uses the cable strap to keep the cable inside.


Typical of Effect Audio, these cables have some of the best build quality on offer. This time around Effect is using an all new angular design on both the plug and Y splitter. All the connectors are made with high quality parts and the attention to details is admirable. Cable slider too is designed to match the Y splitter. Cable guides do look thick and bulky but to my surprise they are soft enough and very good with fit, holding the IEM securely in its place. All these cables have EA Ultra Flexi™ Insulation on them for lesser memory and better flexibility. On the sad side, none of these cables have protection at the Y splitter or Rhodium plated brass Plugs, its all right but a bit of protection is always better.

Cadmus uses 4 cores of 24AWG Premium UP-OCC Silver Plated Copper Litz multi-sized cores. This SPC cable looks and feels as good as the Cleopatra, so you can imagine where it stands in quality. While the Cleopatra wasn’t exactly supple and had some memory problem, this is much softer to touch. Its internally braided cores look captivating too.

Ares S has 4 cores of 24awg UP-OCC pure copper LITZ inside. Not only this looks sexy thanks to its copper color, it doesn’t have much memory, which is an improvement over the Ares 2 and is slightly more supple and slimmer than the Ares 2+ (Man.. I just love the Ares 2+). Compared to the Eros S, this is still a bit on the stiffer side. Its dual geometric design gives it a distinct look.

Eros S ups the cores to 8 and consists of 26AWG UP-OCC Pure Silver Litz and Pure Copper Litz Hybrid wires. It really caught my imagination. I was curious about this and took it for a ride immediately. It is very supple, I have to admit it’s one of the more supple hybrid cables around. The cable slider on this is chunkier and looks better on the cable.

In their words:


“While approaching the sound design and pushing the limits of what our cables can sonically achieve at the given price range, we ensured that only the top-grade materials are used. Applying the lessons learnt from our flagship models and experience gained over the years, we are able to design and execute new outstanding cable geometries and structures to achieve the audio quality that is worthy of Effect Audio’s stamp of approval.”
“In order to provide even more value to our customers, we have proudly designed a custom Y Split and Termination just for this Series. From the intricacy of multi- sides polished/brushed aluminum mix to the raw beauty of the Forged Carbon Fibre, the design team spared no effort in creating an aesthetic that is a feast for the eyes.”

Sound and conclusion on the next page..



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