Empire Ears Hero Review : Bass to the forth with details in heart



vs Unique Melody Mirage

These IEMs are fairly different while the bass of the Hero is a lot more impactful and authoritative. The micro details of the Hero are in a different level. Even though the mids of the Hero is slightly less reaching it manages to sound calmer and equally detailed as the Mirage. Here is my comparison video:

Vs Shozy Pola39:

Both are very different from each other but are equally impressive with their details. Pola39 is slightly mid forward with smoother notes across the spectrum. It has no harshness of any kind. Hero if more flavored with much bigger body and rumble. For a more in-depth comparison here is my comparison video.

Vs EVE20:

Even 20 is priced 20% higher than the Hero and houses 6BA drivers. First of all the Build quality of the EVE is excellent but the oddly shaped shell can feel uncomfortable. EVE20 does not lack bass but the Hero is in a different level, much bigger body, more rumble and textured with the expense of some precision and decay speed. Mids of the EVE20 sounds detailed, precise and even but lack some note height. Hero has much better notes body and reach while being more dynamic and sonically superior. The EVE20 then recovers with more even and similarly detailed treble region. Unlike the Hero EVE20 maintains its slightly less energetic upper mids energy (than Hero) till the upper treble region.

Stage and imaging of the Hero feels more evolved as the stage is more rounded while the EVE20 has a more conical kind.

All in all EVE20 is more balanced and Hero sounds flavored.


When you buy a BMW you know irrespective of which model you pick this brand will not leave an unfinished feel. This holds true for Empire Ears too. Their Hero even though is not the flagship do not have a single rough end. Pick any note, the refinement and tuning craftsmanship is something one can barely put a finger on. If you are a purist (I think me as one too) you might say this is flavored, but even you cannot say that this IEM is not good. Yes, it could have been more balanced, the lower treble and upper mids could have been a bit more balanced but that is not what this IEM targets for. This is a Fun sounding IEM, the Weapon IX+ driver is not there to sound dull or flat, it’s there to excite, make your feet tap. Hero can be a super duper hit or a miss if it doesn’t meet your preference so..

Who should buy this? Those who want to have fun, who likes to enjoy the sub-bass rumble of their full size speakers inside their ears without any upsetting traits and without missing out on a single bit of details. If you want flat response or want more balance, please have a go at the Hero, appreciate what it does and move on, look into the ESR MK2 maybe.

This is it, the lovely Empire Ears Hero’s review, an IEM which will please a bass lover and those who like to get involved in their music. It has a lot of love in its tuning, it’s warm, fun and jolly without being boring or dull. It has bass to the forth but has details in its heart.

Hope you are safe. Best Regards, Cheers!!

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