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Equation EP-3070

Equation Audio EP3070 Review

Equation EP-3070
Brief: Small circumaural portable from Equation Audio’s Alpha series, reminiscent of the JVC HA-S700 both in looks and functionality.

MSRP: $49.00 (discontinued)
Current Price: N/A

Build Quality (7/10): Though the form factor of the EP3070 resembles the JVC HA-S700, the build is quite different. The headband is thicker and more heavily padded and the whole structure feels more solid due to the lack of rotating joints. The cups are rubberized on the outside for a nice “grippy” feel and the vents are completely nonfunctional – the headphones are fully closed. Like the higher-end Equation RP-15MC, the detachable locking cable of the EP3070 is quite sturdy and longer than may be ideal for portable use.

Comfort (8/10): Like the JVC HA-S700 and Panasonic RP-HTX7, the EP3070 is a small circumaural headphone with deep cups and narrow pads. The EP3070 features conventional leather pads which are slightly less comfortable than the memory foam used by the JVCs. In addition, the lack of rotating joints makes the fit of the EP3070 slightly less compliant overall but I don’t find them uncomfortable in the least.

Isolation (8/10): The isolation of the EP3070 is quite impressive, losing out by a hair to the JVC HA-S700 again due to the lack of memory foam padding. They block out enough outside noise to be used on a busy street without cranking up the volume.

Sound (5.75/10): Like the higher-end RP-15MC, the EP3070 is a warm and bass-heavy headphone at heart. The bass is surprisingly deep but not as hard-hitting as with the RP-15, leading to a more balanced sound overall despite a similar dip in the treble. The impact produced by the EP3070 is rather soft in nature, with little aggression. There’s definitely plenty of bass but it doesn’t sound well-defined at all times and sometimes overshadows the midrange. The midrange itself is smooth and clear; not as forward as with the RP-15MC but extremely lush and pleasant nonetheless. The presentation is intimate and positioning could certainly be better. Clarity and detail are both a notch below what the RP-15 is capable of. The treble is laid-back but also quite clear and smooth. All in all the little Equations are never harsh or sibilant, which makes them great cans for lengthy sessions on the go where fidelity may take a back seat to comfort and lack of fatigue.

Value (9/10): Sadly, the EP3070 have been officially discontinued for several months. However, NOS sets can still be found in the inventories of several online retailers and Equation Audio dealers. With the $30 price tag that the EP3070 carried prior to being dropped, these little headphones are wonderful value for money, providing a similarly functional approach to the JVC HA-S700 without as great of an SQ sacrifice when compared to similarly-priced open sets. Comfortable, well-isolating, and quite sturdy, the EP3070 is a very good casual listening headphone for frequent travelers.

Manufacturer Specs:
Frequency Response: N/A
Impedance: N/A
Sensitivity: N/A
Cord: 9.84ft (3m), single-sided, detachable; Straight Plug

Space-Saving Mechanism: Collapsible



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