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Fidue Virgo (A85) Review – Pure Polish

Pros –

Excellent ergonomics and build, Terrific clarity, Huge soundstage

Cons –

Subpar isolation, Lean midrange, Stiff cable

Verdict –

The Virgo is a visually arresting earphone with a sound that’s smooth, spacious and revealing.

Introduction –

The early 2010’s were formative years for the less established Chinese audio manufacturers that have since achieved international renown in the modern market. This came along with the hybrid boom that enabled new and daring manufacturers to try their hand at a cutting-edge technology with huge customer interest. Fidue were one of the most successful among them, their triple driver A83 garnering a great user and critic response. The new Virgo (A85) replaces Fidue’s timeless hybrid, carrying the same triple hybrid driver setup and occupying a similar midrange position in their line-up.

However, Fidue haven’t rested on their laurels, using their increased experience to enhance their realisation of the same formula. Assuming the same separated acoustic chambers as their flagship A91 combined with custom ordered armature drivers and an in-house dynamic, Fidue promise a more balanced sound while retains the same $399 USD asking price. Moreover, Fidue have worked hard to improve the ergonomics of their earphones while providing more robust build quality suited towards the rigours of portable use. You can read more about the Virgo here.

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Disclaimer –

I would like to thank both Michael Lin and Chi Kong Hui for making this review possible. All words are my own and there is no monetary incentive for a positive review. Despite receiving the earphones free of cost, I will attempt to be as objective as possible in my evaluation.


Accessories –


The Virgo is a nicely packaged earphone, its clean box showcasing the design of the earphones through a windowed cutout. Opening up the box reveals the earphones and case within foam in addition to the other accessories.


Fidue includes an array of ear tips to ensure a strong seal, 4 pairs of silicone tips, two pairs of dual flange, 1 pair of generic foams and 1 pair of Comply T500’s. In addition, the Virgo is packaged with a ¼” and aeroplane adapter. The included hard case is very nice, slim and pocketable with a brushed metal faceplate, classy.


Design –

The Virgo stuns on first glance and, as is the case with many products, the stock photos online don’t do their fantastic build justice. The Virgo’s housings are entirely constructed from aluminium with an impeccable bead-blasted finish and a fascinating satin silver sheen. They’re on the larger side however, their low-profile dimensions enable a sleek fit. Moreover, they’re very smoothly formed, promoting long-term comfort while retaining visual intrigue via the ridged chevron exterior.


Ergonomics are very respectable. The Virgo does not pursue a deep fit, rather, they sit fairly loosely in the ear with their housings angled outwards to minimise contact with the ear and therefore, minimise hotspot formation. The rears have 3 vents that can become covered, muffling the sound, so a proper fit and seal is imperative. Otherwise, they are smoothly formed, creating a very comfortable experience.


As they’re fairly shallow-fitting and quite open in design, isolation is not a strength of the Virgo. Even with foam tips, they’re noise attenuating abilities are subpar with bass easily becoming drowned out in noisier environments. They just suffice for commute but are hardly ideal.


The Virgo utilises a removable MMCX cable that is very sturdy and well-relieved. It’s disappointing how tacky and stiff its jacket is, and it’s more microphonic than most as a result. However, the cable has no memory and pre-moulded ear guides that aid fit stability. It has pleasing metal connectors and a case-friendly straight plug.

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