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Fiio X7 Mark II Review – Believe/Defy

Introduction –

I think a lot of buyers have a certain faith in Fiio as an audio manufacturer; we always have a basic security knowing that we’ll receive a well-performing device that offers pleasing value for money. However, with the X7, their former flagship audio player, Fiio really reached beyond the status quo, providing a true flagship experience at a premium but well-justified price point. And hot on its heels was the X5 III, an Android based sequel to the wildly popular X5 that arrived to a mixed critical reception. While I found the X5 III to be a nice device for Fiio’s asking price, it did fail to encapsulate the profound value of their past offerings.

But I would argue that the X5 III was never intended for greatness, it was a midrange device designed with a budget in mind rather than peak performance so to speak. And that’s where the X7 II comes in; Fiio released the new X7 just a few weeks ago, presented as thoroughly redesigned inside and out while maintaining compatibility with accessories for previous devices. As a true flagship, designed to maximise performance without compromise, many were excited to see what the Chinese company could produce and whether the device could live up to the legacy of the original. With such fervent anticipation, can the X7 II recapture the glory of Fiio’s early flagship players? Let’s find out.


Disclaimer –

I would like to thank Sunny from Fiio very much for her quick communication and for providing me with the X7 II for the purpose of review. All words are my own and there is no monetary incentive for a positive review. Despite receiving the DAP free of cost, I will attempt to be as objective as possible in my evaluation.


Accessories –


The X7 II is very nicely presented with a two tone box with bold, punchy renders and some specifications. Inside is a protective hard box that slides open to reveal the player with a tempered glass screen protector and transparent TPU case pre-installed. Underneath are some additional accessories similar to those included with the X5 III and appreciably improved over the setup included with the original X7.


The included TPU case is pretty nice, slim and clear to showcase the striking design of the X7 II underneath. I appreciate that the ports no long have flaps like the X5 III, it makes the player that much more convenient to use. Otherwise, the case is well moulded and buttons remain clicky and easy to discern when the device is pocketed. Fiio provides buyers with an additional faux leather case that features a more premium aesthetic and perhaps a little extra drop resistance.


The X7 II also comes with a 3.5mm to coaxial cable, micro usb cable, T5 screwdriver for swapping amp modules and a small metal plate that buyers can mate to an X7 amp module to keep the design looking congruent. There are also some basic instructions and warranty papers for peace of mind. Overall, Fiio provide a nice setup with the X7 II, the included TPU case is actually useable and the leather one is a nice bonus. The extra amp plate and tempered glass screen protector are also a really nice addition, I’m happy Fiio didn’t skimp on the accessories given the X7 II’s price.

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4 Responses

  1. Hard to say, I found the unbalanced AM3A output to drive my M&D MH40’s and higher impedance in-ears just fine. It did struggle a bit with my 150ohm HD700’s but it should be fine for the AKG’s.

  2. Nice Ryan. Was just wondering if you could give a quick comparison between this Fiio X7 II vs the Opus 1 plastic edition? Which would you say is better and more detailed/resolving?

  3. Thanks for superb reviews. Only one aditional question :
    With the new AM3A amplifier module, is this x7 ll capable of delivering satisfactory power to power unbalanced 62 Ohms headphones like the AKG 712 PRO?

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