Fiio X7 Mark II Review – Believe/Defy

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As listeners and enthusiasts, we want to find connection to emotion and music. Perhaps that explains so many’s affinity towards analogue audio. The X7 II may be expensive, but it provides a delightfully neutral yet natural listen that also provides an abundance of technical ability. It isn’t as purely resolving as the iFi Black Label nor is it quite as detailed and effortless as the Mojo, but the X7 II is more balanced and dare I say transparent than both. Those modular amplifiers also grant it with versatility that rivals these models though at an additional cost to the consumer. And apart from sound, the X7 II provides a huge upgrade to usability over last generation Android DAPs, it is zippy and well thought out with no experience shattering glitches or freezes. The upgraded screen and storage options are also a nice bonus on top of an already compelling experience. While the X7 II is priced like a flagship, the sonic performance and user experience that it provides very much live up to that asking price.

Verdict – 9.5/10, The X7 II marks a return to form for Fiio, compounding on the strengths of their previous flagship while addressing a lot of their weaknesses. While amp modules are an added cost, the X7 II’s included unit is far more versatile than the AM1 included with previous devices. The user interface is also hugely improved and the controls and ergonomics are similarly a step above.



Ryan Soo

Ryan Soo

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  1. Hard to say, I found the unbalanced AM3A output to drive my M&D MH40’s and higher impedance in-ears just fine. It did struggle a bit with my 150ohm HD700’s but it should be fine for the AKG’s.

  2. Nice Ryan. Was just wondering if you could give a quick comparison between this Fiio X7 II vs the Opus 1 plastic edition? Which would you say is better and more detailed/resolving?

  3. Thanks for superb reviews. Only one aditional question :
    With the new AM3A amplifier module, is this x7 ll capable of delivering satisfactory power to power unbalanced 62 Ohms headphones like the AKG 712 PRO?

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