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Design –

Both of Final’s new E-series earphones carry a super simple bullet shaped housing similar to earphones like the Flares Pros and Aurisonics Rockets. They are designed to be worn cable-down but lend themselves well to over-ear wear due to their simple shaping.


The housings themselves are metal with a raw chromed finish that looks quite stunning. Basic model number and orientation letters are laser etched into the stainless steel housings and their semi-open nature is clearly denoted by their exposed rear vents. The nozzles are plastic and quite short but some ridging prevents tips from slipping off unintentionally. In addition, the housings are also vented at the front which explains their tip sensitivity. Overall, the E3000’s fit and finish is superb given their asking price, comparing well to class leaders like the Fiio EX1 2nd Gen and Meze 11 Neo.


Comfort is also great on account of their minute dimensions, they are easily one of the smallest in-ears I’ve handled. As such, they disappear in the ear with minimal weight and no hotspot formation during extended listening. Due to their open nature, isolation is below average though they are similar to the vented Fiio’s and Meze’s. Home listeners will enjoy the added spatial awareness but they do tend to lean out on public transport.


My main issue with the Final E3000’s, when compared to competing models, is their cable. I can forgive the use of a fixed cable but the unit Final opted for it very thin and poorly relieved at all terminations. In return, the cable is super supple and very compliant with no memory or springiness, it also has a nice matte finish and minimal microphonic noise given the earphone’s cable down fit.


Luckily, the gold-plated right-angle jack looks to be pretty sturdy with more extended strain relief though the y-split and housing reinforcements are more dubious. The cable is a far cry from the excellent unit used on the Fiio and the much hardier cable utilized by the Meze’s though I still prefer it to the Shozy Zero’s ergonomic nightmare of a cable.

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