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Comparisons –

Fiio EX1 2nd Gen: The E3000 is more L-shaped where the EX1 carries a more aggressive V-shaped sound. Bass is similar on both, the E3000 extends a little more while the EX1 is cleaner due to less mid-bass bloat. The EX1 2nd Gen has a brighter midrange with considerably more clarity than the E3000. However, the E3000 has much more body to each note where the EX1 sounds slightly thin and unnatural. The EX1 has a lot more treble bite and better extension producing an airier presentation. Both are very well detailed, the Fiio more obviously so due to its aggression though those sensitive to treble will find similar technicality hiding behind the Final’s mellower tone. Both have great soundstage space, the EX1 has more depth, the E3000 more width though the Fiio does separation better on account of its clearer sound.

Meze 11 Neo: The 11 Neo is one of the more balanced earphones around this price, but its sound is granted a little extra warmth through its mid-bass focused low-end. The E3000 clearly produces more rumble and low-end impact though the 11 Neo is tighter and more controlled. The 11 Neo has a similarly warm, laid-back midrange to the Final though it has more balance throughout combined with more neutral body. That being said, it isn’t quite as technical as the E3000 which has a little extra detail and resolution at the cost of transparency. Treble is also more laid-back on both however, the E3000 is more aggressive within its lower treble and smoother above it. On the flipside, the 11 Neo is slightly cleaner but is also slightly grainier as treble creeps higher. The Meze has a nice width biased soundstage though the E3000 is more open with even more width and appreciably more depth too.


Verdict –


Final didn’t recreate their more exotic in-ears of the past when designing the E3000 and I have no issue with that ideology. Because the E3000 is far more accessible than any of those models in essentially every way, they are ergonomically orthodox and tonally polite. Of course, I wouldn’t point buyers looking for the most energetic, engaging listen towards the E3000 but its more V-shaped sibling, the E2000 however, Final’s higher model is a warm yet detailed earphone that finds an easy listen. Their limited isolation makes them better suited towards listening in quieter areas as does their build, but considering Final’s very reasonable asking price, the E3000 provides great sonic qualities that more than make up for it.

Verdict – 8/10, The E3000 is a very nice earphone with a smooth, warm tone complimented by some extra high-end detail. While their thin cable and L-shaped tuning won’t please every buyer, Final nonetheless provides a lot of earphone for a meagre amount of money.



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