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Design –

Both of Final’s new E-series earphones carry a super simple bullet shaped housing similar to earphones like the Flares Pros and Aurisonics Rockets. They are designed to be worn cable-down but lend themselves well to over-ear wear due to their simple shaping.


The housings themselves are anodized aluminium with a matte black finish that resists smudges. Basic model number and orientation letters are laser etched into the housings and their semi-open nature is clearly denoted by their exposed rear vents. The nozzles are plastic and quite short but some ridging prevents tips from slipping off unintentionally. In addition, the housings are also vented at the front which explains their tip sensitivity. Overall, the E2000’s fit and finish, like the E3000, is superb given their asking price, comparing well to class leaders like the Fiio EX1 2nd Gen and Meze 11 Neo.


Comfort is also great on account of their minute dimensions, they are easily one of the smallest in-ears I’ve handled. As such, they disappear in the ear with minimal weight and no hotspot formation during extended listening. Due to their open nature, isolation is below average though they are similar to the vented Fiio’s and Meze’s. Home listeners will enjoy the added spatial awareness but they do tend to lean out on public transport.


My main issue with the Final earphones, when compared to competing models, is their cable. I can forgive the use of a fixed cable but the unit Final opted for it very thin and poorly relieved at all terminations. In return, the cable is super supple and very compliant with no memory or springiness, it also has a nice matte finish and minimal microphonic noise given the earphone’s cable down fit.


Luckily, the gold-plated right-angle jack looks to be pretty sturdy with more extended strain relief though the y-split and housing reinforcements are more dubious. The cable is a far cry from the excellent unit used on the Fiio and the much hardier cable utilized by the Meze’s though I still prefer it to the Shozy Zero’s ergonomic nightmare of a cable.

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Ryan Soo

Ryan Soo

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15 Responses

  1. Thanks a lot for the answers. You’ve been very helpful. One more question though, have you ever listen to KZ lineup? Any comments? That brand have so much hype here in Indonesia, so it’s super easy to buy one here. Thanks a lot btw.

  2. I haven’t heard that there are any differences between the colours but I can’t confirm that. I haven’t had a chance to compare the Co-Donguri with the Carbo Tenore directly, from memory, the Tenore was a bit more balanced.

  3. Yes, I heard that Co-Donguri is great too. Is it brighter than Carbo Tenore? And is there any difference comes from different colors?

  4. Hi Ahmad,

    I just posted a comparison with the Carbo Tenore in my post below. Regarding the cable, both are pretty flimsy, I don’t love the build quality on either. You can consider the Ocharaku Co-Donguri for a brighter style of sound with more clarity. IMO it has the best build quality among these sub $50 earphones.

  5. Hi Ignacio,

    Sorry, I’ve only heard the Carbo Tenore and am unsure how it differs from the basso. The Tenore is brighter than the E2000 with greater treble presence and a little more clarity. The E2000 is warmer and fuller, it’s a bit more natural with greater bass body and extension. My gripe with the E2000 is its isolation which is fairly mediocre, the Tenore isolates quite a bit more. Assuming the Basso has a similar design I would think the same there, likely making it a better daily earphone.

  6. Love my Xiaomi Piston 3’s so much but they are starting to broken. Now I try to find an upgrade. Can you help me?
    Have you ever listen to Zero Audio Carbo Tenore? How does this compare to Carbo Tenore? Love the characteristic but the filmsy cable just too easy to break, mine broke before reach 1st anniversary. Is this as filmsy as Carbo Tenore?
    Now using Vsonic VSD3S which is awesome. But still need another iems since I prefer to put iems in different places for different listening conditions. Any recommendations? Thanks before.

  7. Hi there, I have a pair of SoundMagic E10s , and I’m thinking of these in-ears or the Zero Audio Carbo Basso to be my next pair. Would it be an upgrade? I’ll use them on a daily basis, public transport, college library, etc.

    Would you recommend the FA E2000 or the Carbo Basso ?

    Thank you very much!

  8. Thanks for your reply Ryan. I do like piston 3, but I miss the punchy bass as well as subbass. The soundstage in piston 3 also feels tiny. Actually it’s safe to say that I love pistons clarity, but can’t enjoy all genres bcz of the lack bass and soundstage. So in that case , what do you think? Will E2000 be a upgrade for me or you would recommend something else?

  9. Hi Lonesome,

    I haven’t heard the Piston 2 for a while so I can’t provide comparison to that model but compared to the Piston 3, I do prefer the E2000 by a fair margin. The E2000 is more balanced, it is tighter and has a more even midrange with better clarity. I didn’t find the highs to be fatiguing, they aren’t really forward, less so than bass but sit in front of the mids at times. I think the Final would be a fine choice for your criteria but let me know if you have any other questions.


  10. How does it perform when compared with Xiaomi piston 2 and piston 3?
    Basically , I like clear mids, tight bass and clear highs. But not to the extent when those highs hurt my ears.. So maybe little recessed highs. Would u recommend it for me?

  11. How do the E2000 compare to the Gr07 in terms of tonality? 07´s are (according to the review) very similar to the E2000, kinda flat, kinda V, large soundstage and such. and seeing that these might be the new sub $50 kings and possibly one of the sub $100 best IEM´s, how do these compare to the soundmagic´s E50? Thanks Ryan.

  12. Sorry, I haven’t heard the MH1C, perhaps you can ask Klaus over at Headfonics, he wrote some comparison to that model in his review.

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