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Sound –

Final E5000

Final E5000

Tonality –

The E5000 has a warm, roughly L-shaped sound with a highly natural tone and an intoxicating sense of space. Bass is clearly enhanced and holds most prominence in its sound with large sub and mid-bass presence. The midrange is laid-back but very linear, lightly warm in tone and modestly full in body. It’s creamy smooth and with a gorgeous natural timbre. Finally, the high-end is smooth and inoffensive with smooth articulation and attack but rapid transients that maintain good clarity. True to Final Audio’s research-based tuning methodology, there isn’t a hint of sharpness nor whiff of an intrusive peak. This high-end won’t suit those wanting a crisp, high-energy sound but impresses with strong extension and great cleanliness.

Bass –

Thick, warm yet discerning, the E5000’s low-end showcases the fruits of Final’s efforts. I was shocked to hear so much sub-bass extension coming from a micro-driver earphone. The low-end on the E5000 extends into the physical, delivering tight, solid slam and highly defined rumble. There’s moderate emphasis here alongside a fairly large hump in the mid-bass, imbuing the low-end with a euphoric warmth and great fullness. The upper-bass is slightly attenuated as is the lower-midrange in order to slightly clean up their presentation. This is no doubt a bassy earphone and not for those seeking balance, but in fairness, never one that is overwhelmed by said bass.


In fact, the quality is simply stunning, this is truly excellent execution. Final have effectively appended any issues with extension associated with micro-drivers while keeping its agility intact. Driver control is incredible, outclassing similarly priced earphones. Decay is natural and these earphones are extremely discerning of bass texture and detail. They are highly defined if smoothly textured. Nonetheless, driver control is so rigid that muddiness and bloat don’t mire their image despite being present on behalf of their tuning. The E5000 is a terrific performer, bringing great body and rumble with the poise and precision of a much pricier model.

Mids –

The midrange is where things can get strange for earphones around this price and frequently it’s due to the tuning in the bass or treble adding excessive colouration. Final have instead toned down the high-end and, in so doing, have granted the midrange space to breathe. It is laid-back which may not suit some, however, I’m absolutely enamoured with the E5000’s vocal timbre and overall highly natural presentation. This isn’t a neutral earphone nor would I consider it perfectly transparent. Instead, the E5000 is warm and full-bodied counterbalanced by excellent vocal clarity and perfectly smooth articulation. Vocals just sound… right.

More specifically, the E5000 possesses great balance between clarity and body, smoothness and extension. As the upper-bass is quite clean, male vocals are never chesty or veiled but clean in tone and full-boded. Similarly, though the upper-midrange has been brought a touch forward to enhance clarity, balancing out some of their warmth and body. Yet, as the lower-treble and 4KHz regions are both smooth, the upper-midrange is dense and without a hint of rasp, thinness or sharpness. These earphones are simply delightful to listen to, delivering coherent, wholly resolved notes with excellent resolution on top.

Highs –

I believe this is the frequency range which either makes or breaks this earphone for the majority. This is so because the E5000 is very unoffensive and smooth here. It isn’t an explicitly dark earphone as there is some crispness and ample detail presence to engage, but it has no sort of emphasis or clarity lift. Instruments are well-bodied and warm with good texture. I do hear a slight truncation of cymbal shimmer and strings as they extend into they darker middle-treble. Still, there’s good extension and an immaculate black background that creates a highly engaging sense of distance, aiding the dimensions of their soundstage.


On the contrary, treble isn’t especially crisp and they can sound even detail deficient on first listen, requiring some time to adjust. Surely these are not for those wanting aggressive detailing and attack. Instead, the E5000 is layered, clean and composed. It has quick transients and great retrieval of small details but is very smooth in its delivery. The E5000 has fairly strong resolution, especially for a cheaper single dynamic driver earphone. But there isn’t much sparkle or micro-detail in the highest octaves as one could imagine. The E5000’s high-end services its sound, adding dimension and upholding terrific cleanliness and smoothness.

Soundstage –

With strong extension and a dark background, the E5000 crafts a large soundstage presentation. Width extends beyond the head as does depth, creating a well-rounded and coherent presentation. Imaging is very interwoven and, to return to an aging descriptor, natural. Vocals are strongly centred while instruments are organised to the sides. These earphones aren’t hyper-separated but delivers bold, whole notes with great coherence. As the image is highly defined and transients are swift, directional cues remain easily locatable and very involving. Each element occupies none other than its rightful space. There isn’t an abundance of air around each element if that’s your sound, but the soundstage is surely a highlight of the E5000, very involving.

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