First Impressions: FiR Xe6

Closing thoughts 

There’s so much more I want to say about Xe6, but I really want to go through my usual ritual of listening, comparing and processing over the next few weeks before I can confidently put what I’m hearing into more elaborate words. 

To be honest I’m a bit out of my comfort zone at this point. It usually takes me a few tracks to get the ‘gist’ of most IEMs, but even after repeat listens of the same tracks, I’m still hearing new things with Xe6. 

Maybe it’s true that the brain needs time to adjust to such a radical departure from the ‘norm’, especially with certain genres. Still, it’s too soon for me to say if Xe6 is going to end up being a colourful all-rounder, or more of a specialist listen for the majority of my library, but the more I listen, the more I’m leaning to the former. I know for sure it absolutely nails certain genres, like EDM, ambient and classic rock, and is easily in the top three IEMs I’ve heard with this type of music. 

For others, the jury’s still out. I think if you’re someone who struggles with bass, or is seeking a neutral and transparent reproduction of a recording, Xe6 is almost certainly not for you. For me, few other IEMs have intrigued and engaged me as much as this one, and I can’t wait to share whatever else I’m about to discover with all of you soon. Stay tuned.  



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