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Flares Pro Bluetooth Earphone Review

Introduction –

Flare Audio is a British company that, like many others, has some interesting roots designing high-end audio equipment for professional use. However, recently, the company has been making headlines with their bold and innovative products on Kickstarter beginning with their R1 over-ear headphones and really taking off with their more refined R2 in-ears. But while their in-ear designs have been exceptionally well received by critics, more tumultuous user impressions did not always reflect Flares’ unanimous critical reception. And I was always hesitant to personally purchase a pair, especially with their prohibitive international pricing and questionable build quality. However, that was only Flares’ second consumer audio product and their first in-ear earphone and they have since come far to address the complaints of models prior. Their new Flares Pro is far more feature packed than previous models with a unique wireless implementation and vastly improved build quality that includes an exclusive use of titanium and a much improved removable cable. Let’s see if Flares’ new in-ears are as groundbreaking in their sound as their design.


Disclaimer –

I would like to thank Davies from Flare Audio very much for providing me with the Flares Pro for the purpose of honest review. There is no monetary incentive for a positive review and despite receiving the earphones free of cost, I will attempt to be as objective as possible in my analysis.


Unboxing –


Flares provide one of the most distinct unboxings I’ve ever experienced. The first thing buyers will notice is that unique cuboid design covered in acoustic foam, demonstrating Flares’ experience with professional audio. The inside of the box is layered with three stacked trays.


Opening up the box reveals the earphones within two ear shaped inlets with pull tabs on either side allowing users to easily remove the upper most tray. Just beneath lies 3-pairs of silicone tips and 3-pairs of foam tips, each pair colour coded to denote their size.


These ear tips implement what Flares calls acoustic lens technology, essentially, they have no sound tube by using an output bore that’s tapered to the same angle as the nozzle on the earphones themselves. Both the foam and silicone tips are of very high quality with perfect moulding and the nature of the packaging prevents the tips from getting warped during shipping and storage. Both are also incredibly soft, the foams in particular are so soft that they are prone to damage, even more so than Comply Foam tips. Luckily replacements are quite reasonably priced, but I found a more agreeable experience with the silicone tips. Just below lies the instruction manual, Bluetooth module and a micro-usb charging cable.


At the very bottom is the hard zippered carry case that comfortably fits the earphones and Bluetooth module. Inside, users will find an additional set of foam tips, however, these tips don’t feature that LENS technology.

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9 Responses

  1. Hey Anisha,

    The Flares Pro has a great bass response but if you’re sensitive to treble, I would not recommend it as it is quite bright.

  2. Hi,
    I am more into bass. Does this handle it well or is it more towards crisp treble which irritates me.

  3. Hi Prach,

    I haven’t noticed this on my unit and I took them for a few runs which should manifest any kind of oxidation or discolouration. Definitely contact Flare and try for a replacement hopefully, you just got a bad unit.

  4. Thanks for the great review!!

    I have some questions, if you would not mind to answer.
    I got mine a week ago. The cable is turning from clear to yellowing especially near the area which is contacted with my cheek. I use this earphone in office and studio. I am not sure what’s wrong.
    Do you have this issue?

  5. Flare are pretty secretive about the exact specifications of the Pro though you shouldn’t be too concerned about them unless you like to listen REALLY loud. The website should have their price at the top, it automatically adjusts to your local currency, for me it was ~$600 AUD. Davies did mention that they are in high demand, it’s possible they are out of stock.

  6. Any specs available somewhere? On their page, there are none… also no prices… strange page, I can’t put anything in shopping basket

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