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The Pros realize Flares talk of excellence with enormous technical proficiency that is sometimes let down by some questionable tuning choices. Their titanium housings are robust and perfectly finished while their cable is ergonomically frustrating. Their wireless performance is the star of the show, easily matching a lot of better-wired sources while maintaining the convenience of low-latency apt-x streaming. However, the Pros are also an anomaly, few earphone slam so hard, fit so stably and isolate so strongly with such a visually open design and the Pro’s provide a truly unique listening experience. While treble needs some work, bass is phenomenal and their midrange is just as revealing as I could have hoped. The Pros are perhaps not a ground-breaking earphone, but one that is very innovative and capable, ironically, what they lack is some traditional damping and high-end attenuation.

Verdict – 8.75/10, The Flare Audio Pro is an accomplished in-ear that constantly trades compromises and redeeming factors. Their housings are sublime but their cable looks like a toy. Their bass is exquisite in every conceivable way but their peaky treble won’t find nearly as many fans. The Pro possesses class leading technical ability, but their tuning still requires a bit of work to maximise that potential.



Ryan Soo

Ryan Soo

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  1. Hey Anisha,

    The Flares Pro has a great bass response but if you’re sensitive to treble, I would not recommend it as it is quite bright.

  2. Hi,
    I am more into bass. Does this handle it well or is it more towards crisp treble which irritates me.

  3. Hi Prach,

    I haven’t noticed this on my unit and I took them for a few runs which should manifest any kind of oxidation or discolouration. Definitely contact Flare and try for a replacement hopefully, you just got a bad unit.

  4. Thanks for the great review!!

    I have some questions, if you would not mind to answer.
    I got mine a week ago. The cable is turning from clear to yellowing especially near the area which is contacted with my cheek. I use this earphone in office and studio. I am not sure what’s wrong.
    Do you have this issue?

  5. Flare are pretty secretive about the exact specifications of the Pro though you shouldn’t be too concerned about them unless you like to listen REALLY loud. The website should have their price at the top, it automatically adjusts to your local currency, for me it was ~$600 AUD. Davies did mention that they are in high demand, it’s possible they are out of stock.

  6. Any specs available somewhere? On their page, there are none… also no prices… strange page, I can’t put anything in shopping basket

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