Giveaway: SONCOZ LA-QXD1


SONCOZ is a hot new source manufacturer who’ve received an excellent reception. In particular, one of their core design staff was responsible for the Khadas Tone Board which is the darling of budget objectivist audiophiles. This DAC measured with the best at a meagre $100 USD asking price. The new SONCOZ LA-QXD1 continues this legacy by introducing a balanced design and much sturdier full metal housing. The QXD1 comes in at $199 USD and features a dual ESS 9038Q2M DAC configuration. You can view the specifications below:

  • Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise(THD+N): <-116 dB@1kHz – – -Dynamic range : >121 dB
    Signal To Noise Ratio (SNR) : >120 dB
    Frequency response : 20~20kHz(±0.15 dB)
    Channel Crosstalk : >139 dB
    Output impedance:100 Ω
    Output voltage : 2.0 Vrms @ 0dBFS
    Noise Level(Noise floor modulation): 4.3 μVrms

To celebrate the company’s launch, they’re hosting a giveaway of the LA-QDX1 that you can enter here. Best of luck to all entrants!


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