HanSound Audio Aurora



Labkable Samurai III
Both cables might be considered as variants of a fun-oriented signature, albeit from different perspectives. The Samurai sounds a bit cleaner and relatively more uncolored, but it lacks the low-end power and treble sparkle of the more V-shaped Aurora.

As a result of an attenuated mid-bass, the Samurai creates a particularly clean stage, and an overall organized presentation. Accordingly, it can’t match the Aurora’s low-end impact. Aurora sounds a bit more dynamic, while creating its air and clarity based on a treble lift.

The Samurai’s midrange is closer to neutral. Especially Aurora’s upper midrange is brighter by comparison, resulting in a more upfront detail presentation. While Samurai has a slight lift in the lower treble region, the treble region as a whole is less pronounced. As a result, Aurora is overall brighter in tone, while also having more sparkle.

PW Audio 1960 2-wire
The 1960 2-wire presents a stark contrast with Aurora. With its dark atmosphere, and warm and smooth tonality, the 1960 creates a more romantic, intimate feel centered around the midrange. Aurora in turn has a more ‘fun’ oriented signature, mixing an exciting signature with a more upfront approach in its detail retrieval.

1960’s bass reaches deep and provides a nice low-end impact. Its bass is warmer and more natural in tone. Aurora’s bass in turn has more clarity and, and seems to hit a bit harder in its impact. However, this isn’t necessarily due to a difference in quantity, but the clarity of its hits. As a result, the 1960 has a more instrumental bass, while Aurora’s can be considered more engaging.

As a result of its laidback upper treble, the 2-wires midrange steals the show. It’s a warm and natural sounding midrange, accurate in tone. Aurora’s midrange is closer to neutral, with a touch of brightness in in its upper midrange. The Aurora’s treble lift not only provides more clarity overall, it creates more air on the stage. Especially its treble notes are more detailed, while also having more sparkle. Even so, their overall resolution is similar.

Concluding thoughts

Han Audio makes their debut with their version of a top tier cable, with an interesting design combining silver and silver-gold wires. Aurora provides a musical sound, mixing fun elements with an overall clear sound, while importantly, remaining smooth. With its 4 silver wires, Aurora displays recognizable characteristics of a silver cable: a deliciously impactful bass response, and the overall clarity and airiness of the signature. Mixing in 2 silver/gold wires seems to balance the tone, adding a nice touch of warmth to its midrange. All in all, the newcomer offers a nice addition to the mid/upper tier of aftermarket cables.


HanSound Audio Aurora
Design:           6-braid silver and silver-gold hybrid
MRSP:            $999

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