Earphones Skullcandy Holua

Skullcandy Holua Review

Similar sound quality can be had for less money and those looking specifically for a wooden in-ear should be able to pick up a better one at this price

Earphones TDK EB900

TDK EB900 Review

The TDK EB900 sounds as if TDK started with a fairly balanced and natural-sounding mid-range earphone and cranked up the bass.



Reviewed Dec 2010 Details: Mid-range in-ear from Sony’s Extra Bass line Current Price: N/A…

Earphones JAYS j-JAYS

JAYS j-JAYS Review

Though the sound signature of the JAYS j-JAYS is typical of a low-end dynamic IEM, the price tag is not.

Earphones Klipsch Custom 1

Klipsch Custom 1 Review

The atrocious cabling helps seal the Custom 1’s place in earphone mediocrity but the quirky treble is the real downfall for me.

Earphones JLab JBuds J3

JLAB JBuds J3 Micro Atomic / J3M Review

The J3s offer a revolutionary, rather than evolutionary, step up from the J2, moving away from the crowd-pleasing bass-centric sound of its predecessor and towards a more balanced signature.

Earphones Fischer Audio FA-788

Fischer Audio FA-788 Review

The Fischer Audio FA-788 is an entry-level earphone that offers the comfort of a shallow-insertion IEM along with surprisingly crisp and accurate sound.

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