Earphones Rock-It Sounds R-11

Rock-It Sounds R-11 Review

While the Rock-It R-11 improves on the R-10 in several areas, its non-vented housings result in sound that is less suitable for the discerning listener.


Koss KEB70

Reviewed Jan 2012 Details: Aluminum-shelled in-ear from Koss Current Price: N/A (discontinued) (MSRP: $44.99) Specs:…

Earphones Ankit Stay True

Ankit Stay True Review

The Ankit Stay True earphones offer an ergonomic design, above-average isolation, solid build quality, and four unique visual styles.

Earphones Monoprice 8320

Monoprice 8320 / MEP-933 Review

Budget IEMs typically follow a simple formula – cheap, straight-barrel housing, high-sensitivity driver, and massively enhanced bass. The Monoprice MEP-933 shrugs such convention.

Earphones H2O Audio Flex

H2O Audio Flex Review

The Flex may not be particularly pretty, well-built, or well-accessorized, but it does several things very well – it is extremely comfortable, sounds surprisingly good, and shrugs off water and sweat.

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