Earphones Spider TinyEar

While not as impressive as the higher-end Realvoice model, the Spider TinyEar provides clean and balanced sound in an extremely compact form factor.


Reviewed Mar 2010 Details: The pricier of the two ECCI models currently on the…

Earphones Sleek SA1

The Sleek Audio SA1 offers a combination of features not usually found at its price point. Wooden housings, detachable cables, and tuning systems are all quite rare to begin with and finding them on a single earphone – one with an $80 price tag – is notable in itself.

Earphones Xears PS120PRO

The Xears PS120PRO offers a competent, fairly inoffensive take on the warm and bass-heavy sound so popular with the mainstream consumer.

Earphones Hippo Pearl

Despite its modest price and austere appearance, the Hippo Pearl packs quite a sonic punch, beating out its siblings – the Boom and Shroom – in balance and musicality.

Earphones MEElectronics M6

Taken as a total package, the Meelectronics M6 is a steal – nearly everyone is sure to be impressed with the combination of sound and comfort at the price point.

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