Earphones JVC HA-FX40

The JVC HA-FX40 delivers exactly what it promises – a bright, clarity-oriented signature that doesn’t sacrifice the one must-have trait of a successful entry-level earphone – solid bass.

Earphones Sony MDR-EX300

The Sony MDR-EX300 impresses with its punchy bass, warm and liquid mids, and spacious presentation, especially considering the age of the earphones.

Earphones ECCI PR300

The ECCI PR300 is the company’s latest and most convincing attempt at offering hi-fi sound for lo-fi money.

Earphones ThinkSound TS01

With its enhanced bass response, warm midrange, and intimate presentation, the ThinkSound TS01 presents a very coherent sonic picture that’s sure to appeal not only to audiophiles but to casual music listeners as well.

Earphones JVC HA-FXC80

The JVC HA-FXC80 really is quite good for the money – it is well-built, isolating, and not particularly microphonic – but the bell-like clarity and brightness will not appeal to everyone.

Earphones Earjax Lyrics

Like the lower-end Tonic model, the Earjax Lyrics is a very well-packaged earphone with solid build quality and great overall usability.

Earphones Woodees Blues

Though not radically different from the cheaper IESW100B model, the Woodees Blues offer improvements in build quality and aesthetics, as well as a standard mic and 3-button remote.

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