Earphones Soundmagic E10

The Soundmagic E10 complements the pricier E30 model perfectly, pairing a more consumer-friendly form factor with a more consumer-friendly sound signature.

Earphones Pioneer SE-CLX60

With the SE-CLX60 boasting superior ergonomics, solid overall sound quality, and a more unique sound signature compared to the lower-end CLX50, I can only assume that Pioneer made the CLX50 their US flagship by some freak error

Earphones Klipsch S4

With a sound signature that can be appreciated by bass junkie, audiophile, and casual listener alike – and practicality to match – the Klipsch S4s don’t lack in any area

Earphones Xears Resonance

Giving up a couple of points here and there to the higher-end TD-III model, the Xears Resonance nevertheless holds up quite well in its price range.

Earphones Dunu DN-12 Trident

More so than the pricier Ares and Crius models, the Dunu DN-12 Trident aims straight for the segment leaders in its price bracket and – in most ways – scores a direct hit.

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