Earphones HiSoundAudio Wooduo 2

The HiSoundAudio Wooduo 2 is a dream earphone for the bass lover, combining a very deep and powerful low end with good midrange clarity and crisp, if slightly hard-edged treble.

Earphones Thinksound MS01

The Thinksound MS01 doesn’t stray far from its predecessors – it’s not a monitoring earphone as the name seems to imply, but it delivers great sound and retains the upmarket look and feel of the other Thinksound models.


Reviewed Aug 2010 Details: Limited edition TRRS-balanced earphone from HiFiMan/Head-Direct Current Price: $99 from Head-Direct.com (MSRP: $99) Specs:…

Earphones Astrotec AM-90

The sound signature of the Astrotec AM-90 may be nothing new next to other entry-level, single-BA earphones but it is the most reasonably-priced – and one of the best-sounding – Knowles SR-based sets I’ve heard.

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