Earphones Westone 1

The Westone 1 is an extremely well-rounded mid-range product by virtue of its excellent pack-ins, solid build quality, and impressive isolation and fit.


Reviewed Jan 2012 Details: JVC’s original wooden in-ear, known in some markets as the HA-FX1000…


Reviewed Jul 2010 Details: Dual-driver monitors from Fischer Audio’s flagship Master Series Current Price: $160 from gd-audiobase.com…

Earphones Ortofon e-Q7

With tight bass, full mids, and smooth (albeit slightly relaxed) treble, the Ortofon e-Q7 possesses one of the most coherent sound signatures in the land of portable audio.

Earphones Ortofon e-Q5

With the e-Q5 the folks at Ortofon have taken a stab at refining an already-competent performer in accordance with customer complaints – out with the fancy packaging and noisy cable of the e-Q7; in with a lower price tag and more balanced sound signature.

Earphones Monster Turbine Pro Gold

With a relaxed and buttery-smooth sound signature, the Monster Turbine Pro Gold is an excellent all-around earphone, picking up where the original Turbines left off and providing a more balanced and refined sound signature.

Earphones Phiaton PS 200

Priced to compete with the likes of the Audio-Technica ATH-CK10/CK90Pro and Jays Q-Jays, the dual-armature Phiaton PS200 boasts low microphonics, solid build quality, very impressive isolation, and aesthetics Monster’s earphone division could envy.

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