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Hidition Viento-R custom in-ear monitors

Hidition announces new CIEM – Viento-R

Hidition, manufacturer of the highly acclaimed NT-6 and NT-6 pro, is announcing a new CIEM: the Viento-R. The R stands for reference, and the 4-driver CIEM has two switches for “timbre control” that will change the tone by adjusting the amount of midrange and bass.  The switches are inside the shell, small, and well protected.

Hidition Viento-R CIEM with bass controls

Hidition Viento-R CIEM with bass controls

While in Korean, the  images taken from the Hidition website show the bass boost, with the left switch being reminiscent of the NT-6 Pro bass, at lease deepening on the actual frequency of the boost.  The frequency response is given as 10hz-19.5khz, although that doesn’t really mean much other than the treble extends quite high.

This is not the first time a CIEM with switches has been made, as there are a few, including the M-Fidelity SA-43 and Lime Ears LE3SW.

Price is yet to be announced and more to come as it is available.  Initial impressions will be added to the CIEM review previews page once I have had a chance to listen to the Viento-R.





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