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Hidition NT-6 custom in-ear monitor with Whiplash Hybrid TWag TWcu V3 cable

Hidition NT-6 custom in-ear monitor + Whiplash Hybrid V3 TWag & TWcu 8 wire cable

Certain gear can have synergistic results, and the Whiplash Hybrid TWag and TWcu V3 cable has synergistic results with the Hidition NT-6 custom in-ear monitors.  While pairings are not normally listed in the custom in-ear monitors chart, this pairing improves the NT-6, pushing it to a new level.

The Whiplash Hybrid V3 fits the NT-6 well, although the plug is slightly protruding and the sockets of the stock cables are slightly recessed, but I am still confident the Hybrid will hold up.  Compared with the Hidition upgrade cable, the microphonics are much better and ergonomics are slightly better with the Hybrid.  The Hybrid cable changes the sound in many positive ways, smoothing out and lowering the treble presence while increasing the sub-bass slightly resulting in a more natural and balanced sound to my ears.  Everything is articulated better with the Hybrid and the already clean and clear presentation is cleaned up even more resulting in better resolution and detail, but with an even more musical presentation.  The NT-6 pro still retains its neutral presentation and I would still call it reference with the Hybrid, but it is more enjoyable.  Spatially the Hybrid doesn’t change much with most tracks, but with more spacious tracks, the Hybrid recreates a deeper soundstage.  Instrument separation is better as is the recreation of a blacker background and the space between instruments.  The biggest problem with the cable is that the imperfections within my tracks are more noticeable even though the Hidition upgrade cable is a bit brighter and colder sounding.  The Hybrid improves the overall sound not only from an enjoyment perspective but also by improving the NT-6 as a reference monitor.  This is an excellent pairing I can’t recommend enough!

Read the full NT-6 review here.



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Having a life-long love of high-quality audio and gadgets, average_joe got back in touch with his audiophile side after a hiatus caused by life. His focus became headphones and related gear as the size and price fit his life better than home audio. He believes the entire audio chain is important, and likes to continue to think past the headphone and on into the head, as he believes understanding the details of how we hear will lead to a better audio experience.


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  1. The DX100 is an all around great sounding DAP. UI is suspect, as is battery life, but from a sound quality standpoint, amazing. It synergizes well with the NT6+hybrid combo.


  2. Hey Joe, I have NT6+hybrid V3 and i am VERY happy but i need to ask you one more question

    will DX100 be a good DAP , synergy-wise ?

    i also have SONY ZX2 (Japan Version) but i am curious if there is a better DAP out there…


  3. your review convinced me to hunt down a used hybrid for my now coming NT6

    if it’s half as good as what i am reading , i think i am good for life 🙂


  4. The cable is one of the best sounding, if not the best sounding cable I have heard across multiple CIEMs, and the difference between v1 and 2 are not very big from my understanding. The cable is still a great match with the Hidition sound to my ears.

    Here is the summary from my review on head-fi:
    “Summary: With a rock solid build quality, very good ergonomics, especially considering the size of the cable, and a fantastic look, the Whiplash Hybrid cable is a real contender. Add the sonic improvements and you have a winner by knockout! Providing a different sound than the TWag cables, the Hybrid V3 is warmer and very musical compared with what initially seems like subtle changes in contrast to the brighter, more open and airy sound from the TWag. The Hybrid retains much of the sound signature of the original cable configuration making differences seem subtle. But, subtle they are not when you switch from the Hybrid back to the stock cable and wonder what happened to the clean, clear, musical sound you were hearing.

    While the Hybrid cable didn’t perform the same with all CIEMs I tested, it did significantly improve every CIEM compared with the stock cable, and some of my bass enhanced CIEMs performed like never before in the bass department, making me think they had excellently controlled dynamic bass drivers! I found that when the Hybrid cable was paired with a brighter CIEM, the presentation became more effortless, natural, and balanced while improving the performance technically. As with most aftermarket cables, the Hybrid V3 improves with both high end sources, and makes lower end sources sound a good deal better. The Hybrid V3 cable is a fantastic cable and I highly recommend it!”

  5. I bought the whiplash cable after reading this review but knowing now this review was with nt6 ver.1. I Have ver.2 nt6 should i cancel my order? Whats a viento-R and does it sound comparable or better than this review? $500 for cable and not getting what I hoped to hear is disappointing.

  6. This is version 1. Version 2 sounds more like my Viento-R review from my understanding, but I believe you can still get version 1.

    Cheers, Joe

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