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HIFIMAN TWS600 – Early Impressions

The HIFIMAN TWS600 sells for $199 MSRP
TWS600 on Amazon

HIFIMAN’s True Wireless offering, the TWS600 shares first place for comfort and ergonomics. I liked it best for fit until the Sudio arrived. Now it’s tied. The design is just fantastic. Super comfortable, and with nothing ridiculous sticking out of your ears. Very nice. The case is less nice, though still decent. The major complaint I have is the magnets aren’t strong enough to securely hold the IEMs in place for charging. If you jostle the case a bit, they may lose connection to the battery nodes. So you must be cautious, keep the case on a flat surface, and double-check they are in fact charging.

TWS600 is tuned neutral-bright. Very little bass, articulate but thin vocals, and sharp, aggressive treble. In other words, not my cup of tea. But I know many people will dig it. If you like your audio on the brighter side, where detail is the only priority, you’ll enjoy the TWS600 right out of the box. For the rest of us, there’s EQ. The drivers responded well when I added mid bass to warm up the tone and subdued the higher range a bit. Indeed, I was able to achieve a pleasant listening experience I thoroughly enjoyed.




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