HUM Pristine Reference Custom Monitor Review


HUM Pristine Reference has slightly warm and a little mid-forward sound in accordance with the general weight of the presentation. I think that the best part of HUM Pristine is its tonality and note thickness. Indeed, the tonality of both midrange and treble is quite natural.

Low Frequency:

The Pristine has a prominent low frequency presentation. Sub-bass has a good impact and it is not exactly overpowered, but it carries grand notes. Its speed can ben considered in the fast class, but the resolution may get reduced in very fast metal tracks due the congestion of its grand notes when compared to other fast monitors.

The mid-bass presentation is also prominent and gives a good body to the whole spectrum. In general, it doesn’t tighten the stage, and in accordance with its tone, the mid-bass provides a little warm air between instruments.

Mid Frequency:

The midrange tonality is one of the most impressive parts of the Pristine. It is neither exactly bright nor dark class, but it is a bit warm. Indeed, it recreates notes in a smooth way and its tone is quite natural. The overall note thickness leans toward thicker side by a small margin and instruments sound clean and carry a balanced weight with an impressive sub timbre.

Its overall midrange resolution is very satisfying and the monitor fills in the sub-sections of notes very well. In addition, the Pristine doesn’t throw details to face even if it has an aggressive stage type. In the upper midrange region, it sounds smooth without tending to sibilance.

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High Frequency:

The Pristine has neither forward nor fully laid-back treble presentation. It has a balanced quantity in the treble region. Lower treble provides a good weight with a very good tone and it doesn’t sound thin. Overall speed is enough for fast metal tracks, but the extension is not the best among my other customs.

Soundstage and Separation:

The Pristine has a stage with an effectual width, but the depth might be better. The background is a bit close to listener even if it has stable and black structure. Instruments may sometimes get too intimate and that results in an aggressive presentation style.

In general, the monitor has a nice resolution level with impressive lower harmonics and sub-section body, but a congestion occurs when it comes to very fast tracks due to the placement of grand notes in the stage and that results in a slight reduction in the separation and resolution levels. The coherence level is satisfying and its presentation is not difficult to follow.

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