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Insurrection and Revolution – A Review of the iBasso DX160

iBasso provided the DX160 free of charge for the purpose of my honest review, for good or ill.

The DX160 sells for $399
iBasso on Amazon

When iBasso releases a new product, Pinky is always excited. I’ve yet to be disappointed by this company.

Shamefully, I’m rather late on this review. Life’s been crazy, and I’m behind on all my articles. There’s already a DX160 2020 update on the verge of release, so this will be slightly irrelevant. But only slightly. The update isn’t a vastly different creature. They are more or less the same, the 2020 edition likely being a little better.

Thus, when reading this review, if the old version sounds like your cup of tea, feel confident in pursuing the new one. Baring some weird mishap of design, it can only get better.

Laying eyes on the DX160 for the first time, a huge grin spread across my face. It looks so good! Even the garish color Paul picked for my unit really works. Everything about the aesthetic comes together in a majestic way. Perhaps the pictures don’t do it justice, but in person, she’s sight to behold.

The quality is more than superficial. iBasso’s build is strong, with tight tolerance, smooth operation, and streamlined design. The DX160 is a solid device, possessing no real vulnerabilities. And sweet f**k, is she full-featured. There’s Wi-Fi for streaming and Over-the-Air updates, Bluetooth 5.0, a gorgeous, rich-hued 1080p display, and a perfectly intuitive Android O OS. Not to mention the bad-ass dual CS43198 DAC chips.

Quick charging this battery is a breeze, and once full, it gives you many hours of playback. How many? I don’t know exactly. But it seems to be above average, from my experience. It also holds its charge when not in use, unlike the DX220. Whether powered off, or in deep sleep, you can go ages before it drains.

Then there’s the impressive specs:

4.4mm Balanced Output
Output Voltage: 6.4Vrms
FR:10Hz~40kHz +/-0.15dB
S/N: 130dB
THD+N: 0.00022% (no Load, 3Vrms),0.00022% (32Ω Load, 3Vrms)
Crosstalk: -125dB

3.5mm Single Ended Phone Out:
Output Voltage: 3.2Vrms
FR:10Hz~40kHz +/-0.15dB S/N: 125dB
THD+N: 0.0004% (no Load, 2Vrms),0.0007% (32Ω Load, 2Vrms)
Crosstalk: -115dB

Line Out:
Output Voltage: 3.2Vrms
FR: 10Hz~40kHz +/- 0.15dB S/N: 125dB
THD+N: 0.00035% (no Load, 2Vrms)
Crosstalk: -113dB

Micro SD card: Up to 2tb.

Playtime: 13 hours depending upon volume, bit rate and monitor load.

In other words, an insanely capable DAP at decidedly mid-range pricing. We are living in an age of wonder, my friends.



Pinky Powers

Pinky Powers

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