Integrity to the Last – A Review of the Final Audio E5000


The Final Audio E5000 is a paragon of naturalness. Extremely smooth rendering and beautiful warmth define its signature. The tonality is creamy, breathtaking, and gorgeous. Wonderful extension gives depth and air to a complete and captivating soundscape. Robust notes bear upon them a full complement of harmonic overtones. In short, the E5000 is honest and pure and lacks nothing.

However, this IEM will not be to everyone’s taste. The treble will not wow the immature audiophile, for it is not bright and does not aim to exaggerate micro dynamics. It has a very relaxed, smooth presentation, with outstanding upper-treble reach. It is warm and full-bodied, as opposed to the popular thin and sharp of so many other products. This, as we call it here at THL, is “natural” tuning: tonal accuracy over the flash of aggressive detail retrieval. The result will only impress a mature ear. While I won’t go so far as to claim maturity of any stripe, these highs dazzled me right away. They sounded so utterly right.

Oh, that mid-range is luscious! Big, weighty notes proclaim instrumental authority. There’s nothing wispy or diminutive here. The mids have a fullness about them which envelops you in rich, warm waves. The leading edge of the notes is gentle, so pop and vibrancy is sacrificed for musicality. Again, this lessens the emergence of details, while providing a more natural timbre.

Vocals sit fat and forward on the stage, behind only a wealth of low-end bloom. A velvety, romantic quality imbues them. Texturing and articulation are decent, but clearly not a prime concern. Coherency is. The artists meld into the presentation as a whole, feeling fundamentally integrated. I don’t mean to say separation is muddy, only that it’s not razor sharp. Melody weaves about the voice, creating a sonic ecosystem where all the elements support each other in perfect balance.

The lows feature a good size mid-bass hump, for a full, warm sound. This is not tight and quick bass, but rather organic and resonant. There’s a deliciously realistic tone, with superb reach. Bass attack comes hard and physical, demanding to be acknowledged. Its scale seems much grander than a 6.4mm driver ought to be capable of. Yet I am easily swept up in the energy and boom, every listen. The E5000’s low-end is emphasized above the rest of the frequencies. Perhaps it goes a little too far in this for perfect neutrality, but not by much. Not if we’re talking natural-neutral, where the tuning is trying to reproduce how acoustics work in a room. One thing’s for sure, no one will hear this and say, “Meh. Kinda hollow sounding.”

Soundstage is big. Very big. Slightly wider than it is tall, and showcases good depth. It has a concert hall feel to it. Imaging is more than adequate, but not mind-blowing. There isn’t an especially holographic presentation, nor does the separation or resolution achieve any remarkable heights. In fact, apart from the soundstage, none of the technicalities of the E5000 surpass mere sufficiency. And yet the presentation is so enriching, I just don’t care.

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  1. Jonathan on

    I believe the E4000 has a detachable cable as well.

    • Pinky Powers on

      You know. I think you’re right. Thanks for pointing that out. I need to fix that.

      • Jonathan on

        No problem 🙂

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