Integrity to the Last – A Review of the Final Audio E5000


There is something about the Final Audio E5000 I respond to on a deep and personal level. The signature is so correct, so right, my brain latched onto it upon first listen. Final talks about how this was tuned by studying the psychology of how people interpret sound. I’m here to tell you, Final gleaned important shit from this research; they sure Freudian-ed their way into my godforsaken heart. The E5000 makes other things, things I loved, seem inadequate in comparison. These are now my favorite earphones under $500.


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Pinky is an artsy twat. Illustration, graphic design, writing. Yet music escapes him, and always has. He builds his own cables, and likes to explore the craftsmanship of others. He's a stabby one, also. At the first hint of annoyance, out comes the blade. I say he's compensating for something... in a big bad way. If we all try really hard as a collective, maybe we can have him put down.


  1. Jonathan on

    I believe the E4000 has a detachable cable as well.

    • Pinky Powers on

      You know. I think you’re right. Thanks for pointing that out. I need to fix that.

      • Jonathan on

        No problem 🙂

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