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JH Audio Roxanne Universal

JH Audio Roxanne Universal-fit 12-driver IEMs now shipping

The universal version of JH Audio’s flagship earphone, the Siren Series Roxanne, is now available at ALO Audio.

JH Audio Roxanne Universal
JH Audio Roxanne Universal

The Roxanne is among the priciest universal-fit earphones on the market, beating out even the FitEar ToGo! 334, but to the best of my knowledge is also the only one with a staggering 12 balanced armature drivers per earpiece. As with the custom-fit Roxanne, the drivers are in a 3-way quad low, quad mid, quad high configuration with triple bore output. It also uses JH Audio’s FreqPhase phase alignment technology – same the JH13 Pro, one of my favorite custom in-ear monitors.

The Roxanne is noteworthy also for its bass adjustment mechanism, which allows variable bass output of up to +15dB below 100Hz. Bass boost is controlled via a cable-mounted pod with individual bass screws for the left and right channels. A matching tool is included.

Due to the cable-mounted tuning system, the Roxanne uses cables with proprietary 4-pin connectors, which attach to the earpieces with a twist-lock mechanism, similar to Sony’s EX-series monitors. Fans of aftermarket cables will have to suck it up and use the stock cord with these, at least until compatible upgrade cables hit the market. This also means JH Audio’s headset cable won’t be compatible with the Roxanne.

The Roxanne is yet another in a long streak of high-end universal IEMs being released by customs manufacturers – in the past few weeks alone we’ve seen announcements of the Lear BD4.2, EarSonics S-EM6 Devil Edition, and Noble FR/PR. This doesn’t make choosing the right set any easier for those willing to spend big bucks, but more competition for the title of top universal IEM is never a bad thing.


JH Audio Roxanne Universal at ALO Audio
Roxanne product page at






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8 Responses

  1. Yeah, the fitear is a reallly great iem. Not surprising to hear that it beat the Roxanne. The Roxanne has a lean bass and the soundstage is lacking. I would go with the Fitear.

  2. How does the Roxanne compare to the JH13 FP which as you’ve said yourself in the past is one of the very neutral and extremely clear CIEMs?

  3. Yeah I couldn’t figure out how to get the foam inside the star tip but that would be the best of all.

    Yes I have to admit I like the attention these get me lol.

  4. That’s a lot like Sony’s foam tips (they’re silicone on the outside). Earplug foam in a STAR tips probably works even better.

    High-end earphones are a pretty good conversation starter, except when you’re using Comply eartips and don’t hear the conversation start :p

  5. One other thing I discovered is that if you make a donut out of a slice of a plain foam ear plug (meaning cut about 1/2 centimeter from the bottom of an ear plug, cut a hole in it and force it onto the roxanne tip) and then put the Westone Star tip on the roxanne on top of the donut, then the westone star tip has outstanding isolation like a foam comply tip (but with the ease of insertion of the star tip).

    I get so many questions about these wherever I wear them, with people wondering why they’re so big. I have to explain that they have 12 little speakers inside which causes expressions of awe and questions about where to buy one lol.

  6. Good to know! The Westone STAR tips have really been growing on me lately with other sets like the EarSonics and TDK BA200s.

    Those P-series Complys look like they give a very deep seal.

  7. FYI these do take standard westone/shure tips. Here they’re using Comply Professional tips

    It’s fun modifying the tips to get the sound you’re in the mood for. Sometimes I want them deep inside like a custom, in which case I use a small and short tip, and sometimes I want the extra spatials that come from moving them back a bit and turning up the volume to compensate, in which case I use a long tip like the one in the picture. The westone star tips also work well.

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