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Kinera Orlog Review – Double Threat

Pros –

Excellent build quality and design, Effect Audio’s ConX modular connectors, Expansive soundstage, Clean background, Excellent bass dynamics, Jaw-dropping unboxing

Cons –

Sharp chin slider, Mid-bass could be cleaner, L-shaped signature may limit pairings

Verdict –

Boasting excellent dynamics, a spacious stage and smooth, clean treble, this isn’t just a cable for Kinera’s IEMs but a high-end design of similar esteem to any premium boutique cable.

About Kinera –

Kinera is a Chinese audio company founded in 2011. They began life as an OEM for other brands, mass manufacturing balanced armature drivers and later expanding to manufacture other driver types such as bone conduction drivers. In 2016, the company released their first IEM and entered the world of audio as its own brand. Since Kinera has kept up to date with cutting-edge technologies such as electrostatic and micro drivers in its designs. They have refined their approach using hand-crafted artisan IEM shells and more high-end models to suit the international market.

Introduction –

Many manufacturers have made a conscious effort to break into the premium cable market which can be difficult to navigate for newcomers to the hobby. There are myriad options and minimal specifications to reference. Purchasing an upgrade cable from the IEM brand directly is then an especially alluring option as it represents an immediate upgrade path. The Orlog is Kinera’s effort made in collaboration with Effect Audio, one of the most renowned custom cable markers on the planet with huge brand power. It sports ultra-pure OCC conductors and a hybrid conductor design with 2 alloys for each channel. Bringing with it Effect Audio’s slew of proprietary features, it is a true boutique high-end cable.

The Orlog starts at $699 USD for the 4W variant being reviewed and $999 for the 8W variant. You can read more about the cable and customise a unit for yourself here!

Disclaimer –

I would like to thank Jin very much for his quick communication and for reaching out to organise a review of the URD and Orlog. All words are my own and there is no monetary incentive for a positive review. Despite receiving the cable free of cost, I will attempt to be as objective as possible in my evaluation.

Contents –

Behind the Design –

Hybrid Conductors

The Orlog uses dual materials in its conducting path to provide a customised sound. The first of these is a golden ratio composite core consisting of multi-strand gold-plated copper and silver-plated copper. The second blend involves golden ratio multi-strand pure copper core mixed with pure sterling silver core all within your choice of a 4W or 8W geometry. The two 26AWG wires in combination deliver a high-quality sound without compromising on weight and ergonomics.

CNC Milled Connectors

Kinera and Effect Audio chose bespoke materials for their design and have used CNC crafting to realise a complex and eye-catching form. In addition to using aluminium for the connectors, the companies have utilised bare stone inlays to aid character and flare. In addition, multiple finishes ranging from sand-blasted to brushed to hand polish provide visual contrast.


Introduced by Effect Audio, ConX is a modular threaded connector system that permits the user to change the IEM connector making the cable compatible with a wider range of IEMs. EA promises a long service life and reliable sound transmission. MMCX, Ear Connector, A2DC, and IPX are all supported though only 2-pin and MMCX are included with the Orlog.


Effect Audio’s proprietary cable insulation promises a long service life and ultra-soft complexion that maximises ergonomics. Pre-moulded ear guides are added from the factory to aid fit stability and comfort. Anecdotally, I’ve found Effect Audio’s insulation to be highly compliant and doesn’t harden with age or sweat though as every person’s biology is different your mileage may vary.

Unboxing –

Special mention must go to the unboxing which is among the most impressive I’ve experienced from any product in my decade as a reviewer. It’s a large square hard box with gold embossed print and silver Kinera branding. Sliding off the laser cut sleeve reveals undulating mountain textures etched into the soft touch finish. More impressive yet is the sliding tray mechanism which elevates the Kinera Orlog nameplate as the tray is opened. Within a foam inlet lies the very premium feeling (and smelling) authentic leather zippered carrying case alongside the cable itself within a card cable winder.

I admire this method of packing as it leaves no hard kinks on the cable from storage and shipping, so it is compliant and ready to use right away. Kinera has also adopted Effect Audio’s ConX system which permits swappable IEM connectors. Both 2-pin and MMCX are included with further options available for separate purchase on Effect Audio’s website. A plastic carrying case contains the additional connectors alongside a metal tool and overall helps to keep things organised and minimise the risk of losing the small components.

Design –

If you have experience with custom cables from high brands like Effect Audio, you know what to expect here. Kinera has worked in collaboration to produce a design that is no less stunning than their IEMs. At its core, this is a 4-wire cable with pre-moulded ear guides suiting an over-ear fit style. The visual motif is mountain ranges with flawlessly milled matte gold accents set atop a svelte brushed black. All of the connectors are visually congruent, boasting a tough metal construction down to the chin slider and polished gemstone in the y-split. This is also my sole complaint with the design as the pointy mountain-esque slider is somewhat sharp and scratchy, so you’ll want to keep it a distance away from the chin.

The cable itself impresses with excellent ergonomics on account of a standard 26AWG diameter and EA’s UltraFlexi insulation. I’m a big fan of the sleeving as it has zero memory and impressive pliability without the plasticky feel of TPU insulation. This makes the cable easy to coil, easy to live with and also essentially tangle-free. The mix of flat grey with the odd glitter speckle, and transparent that showcases the silver/copper mix below provides a distinct and high-end aesthetic. The source plug is not modular but is offered in a variety of connectors from Kinera. This brings me to Effect Audio’s ConX system which is an excellent implementation of a modular IEM connector system.

Using the included tool, the pre-installed 2-pin connectors can be unscrewed and replaced with MMCX connectors making the cable widely compatible. The system is svelte and visually identical to non-modular systems with no additional bulk. Overall, this sweetens the deal on an already attractive, ergonomic and impressively constructed cable. We’ve come a long way from Oyaide connectors and heat shrink strain reliefs as new boutique cables showcase some stunning custom machining work and highly finished internal fixtures and cores that provide superior wearing without the DIY aesthetic.

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