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Lavricables Master Line IEM cable review

This audiophile world we are in is so vast that we sometimes come across a handful of brands we have never heard of but have been in existence for much longer than some of us in this vast field. There are brands who doesn’t grab out attention only because they are not exactly looking to promote out of their comfort zone. Lavricable is one of those brands, most of us haven’t been exposed to this cable brand which makes more than 100+ varieties of cables for both IEMs and headphones along with USB, power, speaker, Bi-wiring and RCA terminations. Operating since 2012 this brand has a no nonsense approach to cables. They don’t have distractions. They are not gravitated towards experimentation or fancy names, they have simpler names and only one type of cable.

All the cables you can find in their inventory are silver cables, pure silver cables to be precise. There is no copper or hybrid kind of dilemma here. As we all know, silver cables are supposed to be the best type of cables for details and clarity, let’s find out how much of this will reflect with this Master series cable.

There are a handful of customizable options available with lavricables for each product, the one I have has 1.2m length, Carbon 4.4mm balanced straight gold plug, Lavricables carbon Y splitter, no sleeves, transparent heat shrink hooks and have 150hrs of burn-in service already performed on them. This is a $331 cable, a mid range for the market but a flagship from Lavricables. There are some variables like length, plug type, Y splitter type, sleeves and burn in service can attract or reduce the price of the cable depending upon preference.

In their words:

“Made out of 4 cores of 5N purity silver awg22 multistrand litz wire!
Will improve full potential of your setup by revealing pleasant transparency, wider soundstage and crystal clarity!
Very noticeable upgrade and step over the standard cable!”

Get one from here:


Just like most of the cable brands, one doesn’t really get much out of the box. We get the beautiful looking cable, a Lavricables branding sticker and a big drawstring carry pouch. This pouch is huge. It can carry a dap or a transport but might not be able to withstand the weight.

I like the pouch but a smaller carry pouch would have been more useful given that it’s an IEM cable.

Build quality is fantastic to be precise. It feels more premium to the touch and has a more aesthetical appeal compared to the Effect Cleopatra cable. Both the 2pin and 4.4mm connectors are of premium quality. Unlike the EA cable the outer jackets are fixed onto the cable, so DIY projects won’t be easy.

What I seriously like is the supple and soft feel of this cable. The layer of silicon used on the cable is of the more premium quality. There is little to no microphonics to worry about. The Y splitter on this is carbon finished type but one can opt for heat shrunk Y splitter to save some bucks.


Being a silver cable it’s meant to bring out more details and clarity and improve the layering and separation. These cables usually are of the analytical type. Has Lavricables done something different?

The short answer is yes. This cable doesn’t have the harsh or aggressive kind of feel to it while maintaining excellent finishing definition and instrumental clarity.

I paired it with a handful of IEMs. Let me share the pairing experience.


Effect Audio Axiom:

Axiom as it turns out doesn’t ship with a cable. The Axiom usually warrants a copper cable to tame its aggression.

This pairing though is fairly good. It doesn’t have the edgy or aggressive feel of the other silver cables while extracting some of the best details and transparency. The lower end as usual is a bit biased towards subs while the mid bass is slightly tighter. Mids too have exceptional clarity and details. What’s improved is the better contrast between back and foreground notes. The subtle feel with some of the background notes is improved but is not exactly subtle, though that is in Axiom’s nature. Treble too has excellent details and clarity without getting aggressive. Strangely, the stage size of Axiom is very similar to what it is with Cleopatra.


B2 is a single DD IEM and already has a very good amount of details. If this is the only IEM you have in your inventory, you might not need to ask for a lot more. Let’s move on.

The Master series cable has a balancing effect on the cable.  The whole spectrum feels a bit more neat and clean with tighter notes without losing its musical essence. B2 with the stock cable has a slightly bloated mid bass while the sub-bass is slightly less extended. With this cable B2 delivers a bit more texture, better control and slightly faster decay without losing its essence. Mid range is slightly more defined with better accuracy and increased transparency. If the stock cable felt like the treble, especially the upper treble is slightly lacking with transparency, this cable helps to extract a bit more detail and transparency. The stage isn’t exactly gaining in all direction but gains more height.

64audio Duo:

Inherently the Duo is a musically inclined IEM with a good amount of focus at the lower end while the treble is slightly less energetic or forward. This cable helps the Duo to gather more attack and bite while delivering slightly smaller lower end body without affecting the sub-bass. It still doesn’t tighten the decay, keeping things similarly punchy without compromising with texture or movement of air. The mid range gains a bit sharper notes with better finishing definition making it more precise and accurate. This cleans up the floor but the extra transparency, clarity and definition make the IEM sacrifice some reverb and musical timber. Same thing is true for the treble region. This Silver cable brings a bit more energy with a more extended feeling, helping with crispiness. The biggest change here is the stage. It’s around 20% taller with similar width.

If you found the Duo to be a bit less accurate, opting for this cable makes a lot of sense since it doesn’t change the sound radically but brings up its transparency and accuracy to a bit more analytical level.


VS Effect Audio Cleopatra:

Yes, this is a purely unfair comparison, but since the Master Series cable is in a different league against the other cheaper cables I have, I have to do this. Yes, this cable is more than twice as expensive. Both the cables have same number of pure silver cores but the EA cable has Multi-Sized strands with “Golden Ratio Dispersion geometry”.

I know, this cable is expensive, but the technicality and details it can bring up is of higher quality. Both the cables have similar effect on sound but the EA cable has the supremacy in every department. It has tighter bass, more details, better balance and accuracy while retaining a bit more musical timber. It has a cleaner and more airy treble too.

When it comes to sound, this $799 is superior, but that can’t be said about the aesthetics. To me, the simpler and less complex looking outer jacket and coating of the Master series cable looks and feels more premium. It feels soft, suppler and has similarly sturdy and elegant looking connectors and Y splitter. At least lavricables has a pouch, EA doesn’t have anything else out of the box.

VS Ares Audio Sakeishi:

This is a hybrid cable with 8 cores and doesn’t have aesthetical appeal of the Lavricables but when it comes to sound, this nearly $440 cable exhibits its technical abilities with tighter lower end and better transparency at treble region. It just is more accurate and has better clarity, separation and details but the mid rage is slightly more in the V which kind of feels odd when paired with an IEM which already has a V or U shaped signature. Sakeishi has a bit more contrast and has better sonic abilities too. Stage wise too it is nearly 20% taller with similar width and depth.


I love the way this silver cable looks, it totally matches up to kilo buck cables when it comes to aesthetics. It’s one of the most gentle and supple premium cables I have used. Lavricables have used high quality connectors and components in the cable. It is hard to fault the build or aesthetics.

Sound wise, this cable doesn’t have a edgy or splashy feeling, it retains good amount of musicality of the IEM while bringing out better details and transparency from the mid and treble region. It doesn’t sound harsh, dry or thin, giving it a more polished feeling. If you want a more hardcore silver cable sound, you may look into other cables.



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  1. What is your opinion on the lavri cable vs the eros s? especially paired with the u12t? I am mostly looking to add better imaging, soundstage, and perhaps clarity.

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