Little Dot CU-Cen – The Torch bearer


VS Fibae 3 :-

The 3BA based Custom Art IEM is known for its smoothness and formidable performance across the spectrum. Both are small in size but the Cen comes with more premium cable and a lot more tips out of the box.

Even when the Fibae has good sub-bass extension it lacks the essence of bass by reducing mid bass body which is much smaller than the Cen, both have good amount of details but the Cen is much better with texture and tonality. The Fibae can only claim slight bit of faster decay but not much. Where the Fibae tends to lose points is the strong point of the Cen. Cen has much better notes depth and micro details where the Fibae makes thing smoother. Treble is totally different story, Cen struggles to deliver energy at frequencies beyond mid treble region and can feel a bit dark against the energetic and powerful sounding treble of the Fibae. Fibae has much better spark and extension, for the upper end, Fibae all the way but it’s personal.

Stage of the Fibae is barrel like without much height or width but much deeper depth.  Cen on the other hand has much better height and width but lack with a bit of depth.

VS DUNU DK-2001:-


Even when the prime target of hybrid earphones was to provide excellent details and similar energy across the spectrum the industry tilted towards a more fun sounding tuning which emphasizes the lower end while pushing the mid range sometimes so deep, it beats me completely. I don’t hate fun sounding IEMs but for me the mid range is the biggest criteria and a drowned mid range give me more pain than a flat sounding lower end.

Thankfully the CU-Cen is not one of the more widely available type, It has excellent details across the spectrum, the mid range takes over as the driving force (I like balance of all the three parts more than this but yes, this is better than being in the V) and right amount of emphasis where it is needed.

Don’t look into it for energetic treble or exciting lower end thump, look into it for a bit more conservative approach while serving pleasing mid range filled with excellent details and accurate tonality with an organic tilt. It does not win at a part of the spectrum but is more complete as a whole, without any shortcomings. Yes, some can say the bass is small, the treble lacks a bit of energy at highest of frequencies, if that is you, you might want to look into some other IEMs but if you enjoy vocals and like an inoffensive sound, Little Dot CU-Cen must be around the top of your list.

Feel free to ask me anything, have an excellent year ahead, enjoy your music!!



Suman Sourav Meher

Suman Sourav Meher

My humble audiophile journey started in 2010, when I was in college, where I fell in love with the elements, nuances, and variations of this mesmerizing world. The ability of tiny earphones to recreate amazing sounds made my bad days tolerable and good days better! Now I am a full-time audiophile with a preference for musical tracks, especially vocals and engaging ones. I must admit I am addicted, but not to drugs or alcohol, but to earphones. Come join me as I share my experiences, bad or good, and let’s have some fun!


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