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LXear Maze 4 review : Nothing confusing about it

LX-ear, does not sound very familiar to most of us but things are about to change. They are a CIEM brand from Romania who have had a whole array of BA based earphones starting with single BA IEMs such as Jupiter and Moon, maxing out with their 7BA flagship Saturn.

We barely are aware of them but our beloved @Deezel have already worked with them and here I am, reviewing Maze 4, their latest Custom made IEM. It starts at 499 Euros (with basic customization) and can go way up if opted for heavy customization. It houses 4 BA (2 for bass, 1 for mid and one for highs) drivers and uses a tubeless design which eliminates any resonance. They assure that once the ear impressions are received (with other formalities done) the IEMs are built within 7 days.

In their words:

“The new MAZE4 model is our first tubeless model, thus eliminating the unpleasant resonances of models that use acoustic tubes. Using 3D Printing technology, and advanced equipment, we managed to create an affordable in-ear monitor capable of satisfying even the most demanding artists and audiophiles.”

It faces tough competition from IEMs like Fibae 3, Fibae 4, DUNU SA6, and a lot many IEMs. I will compare it with SA6 and Fibae 4.

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Just like most of the CIEM brand LX-ear Maze 4 doesn’t ship with a fancy retail box. All the extra bits are placed inside a transport box, with zipper, made of TPU, it is customizable with your favorite logo or model name. A run of the mill kind of cable ships along with a cleaning cloth, cleaning tool, quarter inch adapter and a dehumidifier wraps up the list of accessories.


In the days where brands are getting more and more cautious about the aesthetics of their stock cable it was shocking to see an IEM with a price tag of 499 Euros shipped with a cable which used to ship with $10 iems back in 2016-17. It is a 4 strand 19×0.5mm OFC wire, I would not have paid much attention if the cable was on par with what DUNU ships with their cheaper SA3 or even the DM-480 but this cable not only looks cheap it doesn’t feel premium to the hand (They do have option for Linum cable, for a premium though).

Thankfully this cable doesn’t sound bad, it sounds very similar to the DUNU SA3 cable. Swapping the stock cable with Penon Orbit pays dividends. Orbit brings bigger stage, better separation and layering with better dynamics.


As mentioned earlier Maze 4 made with 3D printing technology. With use of advanced equipment they manage to keep accuracy within 100 microns to the mold provided. Earpieces are coated with hypoallergenic clear coat. Maze 4 can be ordered with 3 or more layers of colors and textures if preferred (charged separately). Custom art work, custom logo on carry case and fancy face plates can be opted for a bit more cash. A rushed build within 3 days sets the buyer back by 100 euros. LXear 3D anti-wax and sweat system reduces the risk of clogging of the acoustic tube, making it easier to maintain. LX-ear is fairly vocal about the recessed two pin socket advertising it being more safe and ergonomical than other options. It does save the connectors from dust nevertheless.

There is no question about fitting, it’s a CIEM after all and it fits me like a glove. Isolation is top notch too, it barely lets much ambient noise in.

P.S. black shell highlights dust particles and in humid conditions it becomes a finger print magnet.

A dust magnet..



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  1. They went bankrupt this year! I have a pair of maze 4 purchased last year and I recently call them to fix my cable but they told me that the company is closed and they don t have any spare cable !

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