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Lypertek TEVI True Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Review – A New Hope

Pros – 

Very balanced sound, Excellent driver control, Strong battery life, Solid call quality

Cons – 

No app integration or aware mode, Small housings don’t provide outstanding fit stability

Verdict – 

With excellent battery life, the most balanced signature I’ve heard from a TWS earphone and reliable connectivity, the TEVI is a true winner.

Introduction –

Lypertek first entered the audio scene a few years ago with two single-driver earphones, one being dynamic, and the other balanced armature. With a design team sporting roots in the now formidable Oriveti, their first models were well realised, offering a similar style of balanced sound only at a substantially reduced price. Recently, the company released the TEVI, a True Wireless (TWS) earphone with single graphene dynamic driver alongside 32-bit Qualcomm DSP that enables them to fine-tune the sound. The TEVI received an overwhelmingly positive initial reception for its highly competitive specifications alongside a very balanced tuning. The TEVI comes in at a very reasonable $90 USD. You can read more about the TEVI here and treat yourself to one below.

Disclaimer – 

I would like to thank Lypertek very much for their quick communication and for providing me with the TEVI for the purpose of review. All words are my own and there is no monetary incentive for a positive review. Despite receiving the earphones free of cost, I will attempt to be as objective as possible in my evaluation.

Accessories –

The TEVI comes in a compact plastic box that reveals the case and earphones below a clear window. Inside users will find additional accessories, a Type-C charging cable, 3 sizes of silicone ear tips in addition to a separate bag containing a pair of Flexfit shallow-fit foam tips that provide a more isolating fit. It’s a no-frills experience that will suit the vast majority of users. For those still struggling to find a seal, the Spinfit CP360 fits well onto the nozzles and provides a slightly deeper fit.

Design – 

What first strikes about the TEVI is its compact dimensions. The plastic construction has a surprising density in the hand, creating a reasonably high-quality impression. This is reinforced by a two-tone finish with a satin outer face and matter inner face that resists oils from the ear. Each earpiece has a large physical button that is tactile and difficult to press accidentally. The microphones are located on the front of the outer face, delivering loud and clear call quality albeit being a little more susceptible to wind noise than premium models like the Momentum TWS. The TEVI has an excellent IPX7 ingress rating making them waterproof, however, the case has no rating.


The earphones appear fully sealed with some driver flex present when first inserted into the ear. They have exceptionally long nozzles that provide a deep fit and, in culmination, excellent passive noise isolation suitable for frequent commuters. With said nozzle length in culmination with compact dimensions, the TEVI doesn’t contact the outer ear and is perfectly comfortable over extended listening. On the flipside, without stabiliser fins or an ear filling design, I found that the earphones didn’t possess the most stable fit for exercise. Nonetheless, I was content with their fit when seated or walking, however, they did require a few readjustments when running.


The included carrying case has large dimensions and isn’t especially pocketable due to its height. That said, it has a convincing fabric exterior and handy leatherette lanyard. Four status LEDs at the front denote charge with a USB-C charging port at the rear. The case offers 6 full charges for a total of 70 hours playback, one of the longest on the market. Furthermore, the case will fast-charge the earbuds, providing 2 hours of playback in 15 minutes. The case magnetically closes, however, the hinge mechanism is somewhat unreliable, held together with a spring bar that had a tendency to pop out in my testing.

Usage –

Upon first removal from the case, the earphones enter pairing mode, however, subsequent devices will require manual pairing mode by double-tapping the button on either earpiece. Once paired, the earphones auto-connect over a BT5.0 connection. They also support Qualcomm TWS Plus whereby there is no slave and master earpiece, rather, both connect simultaneously to the source for lower latency and a more reliable connection. The earphones also support traditional master/slave and the earpieces are able to dynamically switch roles based on remaining battery. The TEVI offers a sensational 10 hours of battery life, a figure bolstered by 6 additional charges from the case.

In real-world use at medium/low volumes, I redeemed 9.5hrs of playback. The TEVI offers no additional features and unlike its more consumer brethren there is no app integration, eQ settings or aware mode. They are simply pair and go with only basic volume and playback controls via the hardware buttons. The earphones also do not pause when removed from the ear. What they do provide is a solid audio-focused experience and simplicity and reliability elsewhere. For the asking price and intended demographic, this is a wise decision and enables a more uninterrupted listening experience.

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