Magaosi K3 HD In-ear Earphone Review


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The K3 HD may be slightly more expensive than competing models from other manufacturers, but in return, the Magaosi’s provide a great mix of clear, crisp tuning and excellent technicality. They don’t quite perform as well as the more exemplary $200 earphones, but they are pretty darn close, especially with regards to detailing. In addition, their all metal build and compact size lend them well towards long term listening while their removable cable enhances durability. And perhaps most notably, the K3 HD provides several tuning options through simple screw-on filters and the addition of two cables from factory. The K3 HD is ultimately an engaging package with surprisingly few drawback for the price. Their more sculpted tones still won’t suit those with a preference for neutrality and outright realism and their lack of isolation won’t suit frequent travellers, but the HD nonetheless impresses with clarity, immediacy and tactility.

Verdict – 8/10, The K3 HD does lack a little noise isolation and their bass still needs some work, but Magaosi’s newest earphone is a very well-equipped contender in an immensely competitive market. And while they may come with a higher price tag, that premium conforms to their high levels of relative performance.

The K3 HD is available from Penonaudio for $120 USD, please see here for the most updated pricing, availability and configurations.

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  1. Mark Sánchez on

    Hi. How do the Kinera H3 compare to the Magaosi K3 HD?

    I can not decide between the two!.

    I have the TFZ Series 5S, (and the Mee 6 pro, Senheisser Momentums in ear, Audio Technica IM50, various other TFZ cheaper earphones). Thanks. Mark.

  2. Hi Ryan,
    I remember you giving 9 rating to the magaosi’s previous earphone and from your review it seems HD’s are a step above their predecessor. I’m guessing HD’s are rated lower since they are priced slightly higher than k3 pro.
    Anyway, I got my en700 bass couple of weeks ago and enjoying them a lot especially in the mid and high frequencies. Mids and highs are sweet and clear. Bass is not clear though and sometimes a little muffled and cloudy. Soundstage is seriously wide too. I think they are great for the price I paid.
    Now I’m thinking to add 1more quad to my limited budget iem experience. I also read about Kinera H3 and was wondering if you have had any luck trying them?

    • Hi Shaan,

      Glad you’re enjoying the Simgots, I have the Kinera H3 at the moment, it is proving to be a really interesting earphone. I haven’t had enough time with the Kinera’s to provide an exact comparison here, but I will be sure to give some reference to the Quad Drivers in my full review. The HD isn’t a huge upgrade over the K3 Pro, but it is a nice earphone that justifies that price increase, I still wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking for a natural earphone with an outstanding soundstage like the EN700 Bass.

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