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Rose Mini 2: Both feature removable MMCX cables though the Rose unit is far more compliant. Both are also very comfortable and isolate similarly well though the P2 will likely be more stable in the ear for most people due to its size and shape. The Mini 2 has a more controlled, even bass response with greater definition at the cost of the fullness and sub-bass extension of the P2. Both are agile and tight, the P2 is more dynamic and the Mini 2 is more articulate. Mids are quite dissimilar, the P2 is V-shaped, brighter and considerably clearer while the Mini 2 is more neutral, linear and natural. As such, the Rose sounds cleaner and doesn’t suffer from the same lower midrange issues as the P2 but it can sound quite mellow compared to the very glossy P2, especially within the upper mids.

The P2 also has a slight midrange resolution advantage with superior retrieval of background detail in some areas though the Rose is more consistently detailed on account of its more even tuning. Treble is considerably more aggressive on the P2, the Mini 2 is actually more detailed and micro details are far more present but the P2 has a lot more shimmer. However, the P2 is also quite thin, the Mini 2 has more body and more extension so it doesn’t overshadow higher details like the peakier P2. Both separate well, the P2 has a wider soundstage though the Mini 2 images better. While it may seem that the Mini 2 is the obvious choice, that is most certainly not the case since its very mellow, balanced tones can come off as bland to many listeners. The P2 fits better and is considerably more vibrant without coming off as overly sculpted, making it a better choice for listening in louder environments.

Kinera H3: Both earphones are completely plastic but feel solid in the hand. The Pinnacles are a little more solid, they’re also lighter and much smaller creating a more comfortable fit. Both have a removable cable, MMCX on the P3 and 2-pin on the H3 though the cable on the H3 is far softer and more compliant while the P2’s cable is very rubbery and has a lot of memory. Sonically, the P2 is more balanced while the H3 is considerably more v-shaped; bass is more prominent with considerably more slam and increased mid-bass fullness. However, the H3 has a more defined, textured and extended bass response though it is more bloated and lacks the agility of the P2. The H3 also has greater midrange clarity but it sounds thin, the P2 sounds dry but still more natural overall than the H3, especially upper mids.

Both have a brighter tonal tilt with scooped lower mids and more upper mid presence, the H3 to a greater extent due to its greater bass and treble presence. Both also have somewhat spiked treble, the H3 more so, making it very aggressive. The P2 is also a more aggressive earphone in its own right but treble is more even than the H3. I feel that the P2 will be more forgiving of lower bitrate files since it is less aggressive and generally smoother than the H3. If you want a lot of engagement, the P2 might be a bit lean for your tastes where the H3 really flourishes. Both are similarly technical, the H3 has a slight upper hand on raw detailing and definition though the P2 is certainly no slouch. The H3 does still have better end to end extension.

Pinnacle P1 ($200): The P1 is shaped identically to the P2 and finds similar comfort as a result. However, the P1’s metal construction is superior in every way and its two included cables are light years ahead of the tacky unit included with the P2. Sonically, the two are similar as expected though the P2 has some little tweaks that better suit portable use. This starts with their lower impedance/higher sensitivity that omits the need for external amplification. In addition, the P2 has a warmer low end with slightly greater sub-bass emphasis and notably more mid and upper bass fullness. They have a thinner, drier midrange than the P1, especially lower mids though lower mids are more present, creating a less skewed midrange.

Upper mids have great clarity and are quite smooth but the P1 still holds a notable lead in overall refinement and resolution, they are just smoother and more nuanced throughout. Treble presentation is similar on both, the P1 is more aggressive while the P2 has been smoothed off a little. The P2 is still on the more aggressive side, notes are nicely crisp but detailing doesn’t quite match the P1 due to some roll-off. I think the difference between the P2 and P1 can be somewhat likened to that between the 1More Triple and Quad drivers, the P2 is warmer and more consumer-friendly while the P1 is a bit more revealing and generally improved in terms of technicality.


Verdict –


The P2 is undoubtedly a great earphone with some truly outstanding aspects offset by some smaller technical quibbles. On a superficial level, they are shockingly close to the P1 in tuning and some tasteful sculpting does make them more universally appealing. Moreover, extended listening reveals that they retain much of the same clarity and agility of MEE audio’s higher model with excellent resolution to top it off. Ergonomics are another high point, the P2 is easily the best fitting earphone I’ve tested around this price even if their plastic construction doesn’t inspire as much confidence. Of course, they aren’t perfect, and at $100 I wouldn’t expect them to be; most of my complaints stem from the lower midrange and included cable with treble more or less coming down to personal taste. They aren’t polite nor are they the most explicitly engaging earphone around this price, but the P2 reciprocates with excellent ergonomics and a sound that well balances its slightly fuller low-end with a crystal clear treble response.

Verdict – 8.75/10, The P2 combines all-day comfort with tonal maturity even if their sound isn’t absolutely refined. Their tacky stock cable and aggressive treble won’t find universal praise but buyers looking for a balanced yet vibrant earphone will find nuance within the P2’s agile, high-resolution sound.



Ryan Soo

Ryan Soo

Avid writer, passionate photographer and sleep-deprived medical student, Ryan has an ongoing desire to bring quality products to the regular reader.


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  1. Hi. Thank you for such a thorough review! You mentioned that you went on a 6k run with the p2’s with no issues, as a fellow runner myself, Im very glad they are runner friendly. But are they also sweat proof to some degree? I am worried about working out with these and ruining them by getting them sweaty. Thanks again. Have a great day 🙂

  2. Hello Ryan,

    So after listening to the P2s for awhile I must say the 100 dollar range is becoming quite impressive.

    After reading your review you are spot on with the P2’s mid range struggles. Male voices really fall behind the music and struggle to break through to the front. I will say that the fact they have such good isolation is a reason I will still keep them since I use them at work.

    I also 100% understand what you mean how the 3-4 year old DUNU DN-2000 still possesses such excellent sound compared to a lot of newer budget IEM. while the P2 is very impressive with its detail and tonality for only 100 dollars, I believe owning the DN-2000 showcases to me that age is only a number and an excellent IEM will stand the test of time.

    One of the biggest thing I notice while comparing the two is that the P2 has a very limited sound stage and separation, at least in comparison to the DN-2000. The DN-2000 has such an incredible soundstage with excellent width and depth. The instrument separation they achieve is also excellent and makes you really appreciate the music. Now don’t get me wrong, the P2 isn’t terrible but definitely more closed off and sounds much more congested.

    Basically what I’m saying is, can we start a petition to make DUNU create a removable cable version of the DN-2000 so it’s worth buying again? 😛

    P.S. – I do appreciate the ergonomics of the P2 a lot as they are extremely comfortable! Maybe whoever is in charge of ergonomics at MEE can give DUNU a call? 😀

  3. That’s good to hear about the plastic housing!

    To be fair, so many things are made of plastic and have proven to be durable. My panic came from that you rarely see plastic IEMs anymore, even at the 100 dollar price range.

    I guess a part of me was a little salty that these seem to be the best fit for me but MEE didn’t include those nice housings of the P1! 😛

    I will have my P2 when I get home tonight, and I’ll let you know if they live up to the expectations you set! Haha but let’s be honest, they will sound amazing compared to the Ostry KC06A I’m stuck with right now 🙂

  4. I’m a fan of the Ourart Ti Upgrade Cable, it’s an 8-core silver plated hybrid for $30. Makes a small but appreciable difference to sound and a big step up in ergonomics.

    I haven’t found the plastic housings to be an issue, but I’m pretty forgiving on my in-ears. I doubt you would have an issue, even the nozzle feels well reinforced.

    Not sure why these haven’t received more coverage considering that the P1 was so popular, they definitely deserve the attention!

  5. Hi Ryan,

    One more thing, Is there a particular cable you would recommend for the P2? Just curious so I’m not scrambling to find one if the cable ever breaks. Thanks!

  6. I finally bit the bullet and ordered myself a set of the P2s. I was so tempted to order the Massdrop Pinnacle PX but ultimately I knew an iPhone 7 wouldn’t drive them properly with them being 50 ohms and I did not want to have to lug around an amp to work and back.

    I’m hoping I love them! How is the durability on them with them being only plastic? I can’t wait to get them as they seem to be the right sound signature from your impressions.

    Also, how come you’re one of the few people to even mention these IEM? It’s like the community just ignored them

  7. Hi Juan,

    You can give the Ourart Upgrade cable a go, it’s available from Penonaudio for $30 and can be outfit with a remote/mic. It’s a nice cable for the price and very ergonomic, Meeaudio’s own silver plated cable isn’t a bad choice either but costs $20 more.

  8. Hi Xcrailer,

    Thanks for your comment and joker is a great (but busy) guy! I haven’t heard the Dunu DN-2000 for a while, but I do feel that it performed better than the P2 on a technical level. In all honesty, these $100 iems offer really great value, some are surprisingly technical for the price, but a higher-end iem, especially a good one like the Dunu, even if it is older, will still perform better when it comes to detailing, micro-detail end to end extension and resolution. A lot of them also sound a bit unnatural due to uneven midrange and treble tuning, the P2 is no exception though it is one of the more balanced earphones.

    That said, it’s very possible the P2 will suit your personal preferences better, it has excellent clarity and aggressive detailing that makes them sound super crisp even if the underlying technicality doesn’t match the Dunu. In addition, it’s easy to drive and, being a sensitive single dynamic, and sounds great out of a smartphone, where the Dunu can have some impedance issues. I also strongly prefer the fit and comfort of the P2 to the DN-2000. I can’t remember the Dunu clearly enough to provide direct comparison but that’s my general take on these matters, I hope that helps!


  9. Thanks a lot, Mr. Ryan. I will definitely place an order for the Pinnacle P2 very soon.

    Thanks for all your help and I look forward to asking you again in the future.


  10. No worries at all!

    Based on your criteria, the P2 is indeed a very good choice. It is very comfortable and well-isolating, it has a quick sound that will work well for the faster genres you listen to. In addition, the P2 has a nicely clear, detailed high-end. You can also look at the Magaosi K3 HD, its slightly more expensive but is more detailed and a little bassier with a nicer metal build. If it is unavailable in your location, the P2 is still a really solid choice, one of my favourites around this price for sure.


  11. Dear Mr. Ryan Soo,

    Thank you very much for your prompt response to my query. You are the first person online that I am talking to about earphones, so many many thanks for your reply.

    About the features of the earphones, I haven’t really used any good ones except the MEE M6 Pro (this is my first pair of quality earbuds), so I may not be able to look for the right features (ha ha). I listen to a variety of music but mostly rock and heavy metal. I also listen to EDM and some Pop now and then.

    I believe the M6 Pro provides a nice amount of isolation to the degree that I can’t use the Bose SoundSport when I am walking outside (they can’t isolate outside noise much in my opinion). So isolation and comfort for long time listening would be really nice. But I would also like the sound to be clear and lively (i.e. giving me that ‘good’ feeling when I am listening to good music). I guess its very difficult to explain it to someone and given that I’m a novice, I myself not sure what I’m looking for!!! But I believe your experienced ears can help me in this regard.

    Once again, Mr. Ryan, thank you very much for responding to my query.

    Looking forward to your suggestions.

  12. Hi Amin,

    Are there any features that you are looking for in particular? For example, how much isolation, comfort, type of sound? The P2 is quite a safe choice but it may not be the best one if you prefer more bass.


  13. Dear Mr. Ryan Soo,

    I am new to the world of high end in ear earphones. My first step into this league is with the MEE M6 Pro. As I am on a budget and I want to buy a new pair of earphones, could you kindly suggest me a pair under $100. It would be of great help to me.

    Thanks for all your help.

  14. The BASIC is just as comfy and isolating with better cable and build. It has more sub-bass emphasis, more recessed midrange and darker tone with less aggressive treble. It is generally smoother throughout but also not quite as clear or detailed.

    I don’t think the Shure is a great choice for pure sound quality in 2017, but it still has a sound that is easy to enjoy. It isolates the most of the bunch and fit is super stable. It is L-shaped like the Basic but much warmer with regards to bass and lower mids. Upper mids are a bit wonky and treble is quite rolled off, it is quite a laid-back earphone compared to the P2.

  15. P2 seems very seductive! How does the p2 compare to the SE215 special edition and oriveti basic? thx! 🙂

  16. Hey Ryan!

    How would you compare the Pinnacle P2 to the DUNU DN-2000?

    The dn-2000 have been my favorite IEM to date due to their excellent soundstage, resolution, micro detail and sparkly treble extension as well as sounding very natural with vocals.

    I use to get all my recommendations from Joker but he seems to be occupied with other things these days and I was curious on your take on this.

    I will be driving the headphone I choose with an iPhone 7 so there will be no amps involved.

  17. Thank you for the reply! Very helpful. A little bright shouldn’t bother me, I have a pair of DT990s which i enjoy very much and people are always talking about how sharp the highs can be, but I haven’t noticed.

  18. Hard to say, unfortunately, I haven’t heard the triple, only the quad driver. The P2 is certainly a very well done earphone, it is slightly brighter and more revealing than the Quad Driver and the Triple from what I’ve heard but may fatigue if that kind of sound isn’t for you. The P2 fits way better and isolates more making it a better choice for commute. The removable cable will also greatly aid longevity, it is definitely a feature to look out for longer-term investments. I would say that overall, the P2 is the most well-rounded earphone.

  19. As someone who is making their first jump into high(er) end in ears, would you recommend this over the 1More Triple Driver? As in is the P2 the more capable in ear?

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