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MEElectronics M6

MEElectronics M6 / M6P Review

MEElectronics M6
Reviewed Nov 2009

Details: Sports-style earphone from MEElectronics
MSRP: $29.99 (manufacturer’s page); $39.99 for M6P w/mic, 1-button remote & analog volume control (manufacturer’s page)
Current Price: $19 from for M6; $28 from for M6P
Specs: Driver: Dynamic | Imp: 16 Ω | Freq: 20-20k Hz | Cord: 4.6’ L-plug
Nozzle Size: 4mm | Preferred tips: Sony Hybrids, De-Cored Shure Olives
Wear Style: Over-the-ear

Accessories (4/5) – Hard clamshell carrying case, shirt clip, silicone single-flange (3 sizes), bi-flange, and tri-flange (2 sizes) silicone tips
Build Quality (4/5) – Solid-feeling plastic housings are coupled with Meelec’s excellent new cabling terminated with a low-profile L-plug. Two inches of memory wire provide additional strain relief
Isolation (3/5) – By design they cannot be inserted too deeply, but still provide average levels of isolation
Microphonics (5/5) Over-the-ear fit and excellent cables, coupled with an included shirt clip, make microphonics nonexistent
Comfort (4/5) – Comfort itself is quite good but getting them fitted initially can be difficult due to the memory wire. If necessary, memory wire can be removed with a bit of knifework

Sound (5.7/10) – Despite sharing a basic signature with the lower-end M9 model, the MEElectronics M6 is superior in every way except airiness. They are more detailed and have good extension on both ends. Soundstage and positioning are good for the price. Clarity across the range is also impressive, with decent bass control and nice sparkle at the top of the range. There is a mid-bass hump but it’s hardly distracting and doesn’t detract much from the overall balance. Bass depth is still good and the mids are still free of bleed.

The treble is also quite pronounced, leading to a somewhat V-shaped signature. Happily, it’s not as harsh as the treble of the M9. The presentation is good for the price as well. On the whole, the M6 provides a very good all-around sound at the price point and can please both critical and casual listeners.

Value (9/10) – Taken as a total package, the Meelec M6 is a steal – Techno/Trance and Electronica listeners need not look any further, but nearly everyone is sure to be impressed with the combination of sound and comfort at the price point. One of my favorites in its class.

Pros: Well-built, comfortable, great sound
Cons: Can be tough to get fitted at first



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Living in the fast-paced city of Los Angeles, ljokerl has been using portable audio gear to deal with lengthy commutes for the better part of a decade. He spends much of his time listening to music and occasionally writes portable audio reviews across several enthusiast sites, focusing mostly on in-ear earphones.


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  1. Sorry 5th paragraph meant to say :
    Whereas my SE215’s has frequent sound cut off whenever the cable is on a certain ANGLE on my ear and it died on ONE side(eventually). 😛

  2. To me, the m6 pro and shure se215 are catering for a different audience altogether.

    The m6 pro has more pronounced highs and punchier bass, the mids sounds good but right away I notice that the mids feel distant, for example the singer sounds further away from me than the SE215. A very much V shaped sound signature. It benefits greatly after burn in as it is quite harsh at first.

    Whereas the SE215’s sounds more natural and shines in the mids department. The highs lack sparkle(good if you don’t like the harshness, bad as in it is not satisfying in certain part of the music) and the bass is adequate if not mind blowing.

    Comfort wise I personally prefer the Shure’s. The m6 pro’s memory wire is stiffer and its cable feels lighter and more ‘rubbery’ than the Shure. But I swiftly get used to it as its not a big issue anyway.

    But I stuck with the m6pro ultimately because it has (supposedly)better durability as it has a more robust removable cable mechanism and IPX7 certification( I dunno how they do that considering its cable is removable but its listed in their website as a feature). Whereas my Shure’s has frequent sound cut off whenever the cable is on a certain cable on my ear and it died on that side, I still got a 2 year lifespan out of it tho.

    Side note: NEVER use SE215 for sports!! It shortens its lifespan dramatically. Get the m6 pro if you wanna use it for sports purposes

    m6 pro= more fun sound(V shape sound sig), slightly flimsy cable,
    SE215 = more natural sound(better mids), slightly better cable, not as durable as m6 pro

  3. Yeah, these are on my want-to-try list, after I get through the current backlog of reviews. Too bad I missed them at CES when trying the MEE Pinnacle.

  4. The M6 Pros came out. $49.99 and people are calling them the Shure SE215 killers…. I know you have a list of reviews ): but these phones are blowing up! It would be awesome if you got the chance to review them. Appreciate your work fellow Audiophile 😉

  5. In my experience Soundmagic IEMs are more durable than they appear, if you take care of them. I still have a 2008 PL30 that works perfectly despite years of use, including a few on gym duty.

  6. Got it. I like how the e10 sounds more like a bassy but less spacious brainwavz m3. The only thing that held me up so far from collecting those kinds of budget IEMs is the straight jack. I had bad experience on its durability in the past but i’m willing to leap forward now

  7. I would say E10 – the MA350 is more bass-heavy and the mids and treble suffer a bit as a result. The E10 is more balanced, and has nicely crisp treble.

  8. Purchased this IEM 2 weeks ago. The sound stage is great for a budget pair and the mids have just the right level of warmth to make the voice sound throaty but not recessed. I’ll try to make a video and give u a shout out 🙂

    Now i’m also planning to add a soundmagic e10 or an rha ma350 to my roster.

    Which one do u think has less recessed mids and better detail production (mostly on the highs region)?

    Thanks in advance

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