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Miter’s new DAP cases: all square

I’ve been a long-time fan of Korea-based accessory maker Miter, having first encountered the company when I started searching for a suitable storage case for a DAP and small IEM collection a few years ago. That search lead me to Miter’s first two forays into DAP cases, both of which were covered by Ryan in his excellent review.

This year, Miter’s jovial Joey Lee sent me samples of the company’s all new, all square DAP & Earphone cases, and I must say, of the three versions, these are easily my favourite.

Build quality

If you’re familiar with Miter’s DAP cases, you’ll be right at home with the squares. If not, once unpacked from their sleek black packaging and customised fabric sleeves, the first thing you’ll notice is the fine-textured but satisfyingly solid outer ‘fabric’, a type of faux matte suede which Miter says is sourced from Italy. 

This makes sense, considering Miter’s new range of small accessory cases are made with genuine vegetable-tanned Tuscan leather, and the same attention to detail and craftsmanship is evident in its handmade DAP cases. 

I find Miter’s cases strike a great balance between luxury and utility. You’ll want a hard case to protect your gear from sudden drops or shocks, but at the same time you don’t want a plain, utilitarian case for a luxury collection of audio gear. Miter’s cases sit somewhere between the softer but less protective carry cases from DD Hi-Fi and the uber-expensive boutique cases from Eletech and Van Nuys, so there’s plenty of choice when it comes to finding the right fit for your aesthetic and budgetary requirements. 


The new square DAP cases measure 183mm x 189mm x 50mm (okay, so they’re not perfectly square), weighing in at a stocky 431g, and they feel just as sturdy as they look. Like previous cases, the new DAP cases are hard-walled on the outside, with a magnetic latch that easily releases, but also firmly holds, a folded lid. 

Inside you’ll find another lid of sorts – a removable, solid tray, covered with the same artificial suede material, that can be used with the case open to set down IEMs, DAPs and other accessories on a softer surface than a desk. This is a very clever and somewhat underrated feature that I haven’t seen on any other cases, and I’ve often found myself using the removable tray not just with the case but as a stable platform for other items too. 

The inside of each case is lined with a smooth black felt-like material to prevent any harm or scratches befalling your precious and expensive audio equipment. The inner walls are lined with a wool-like fabric that latches on to the three hardboard, Velcro-edged dividers provided with the case: one long divider that can be used vertically or horizontally, and two shorter sub-dividers.

As such, you can configure the DAP case in numerous ways, depending on what you want it to hold. The basic configuration divides the case vertically, and subdivides the two sections horizontally into four equal-sized compartments. In this configuration you can store four IEMs with thick aftermarket cables, with plenty of wiggle room, and also room enough to keep your IEMs in protective carry pouches (like this excellent option from Campfire Audio). 

Of course, the 4-way partition prevents you from keeping a DAP in the case, a problem easily solved by removing the right-side short partition. Miter includes its customary built-in flat-fold kickstand on the right side of the case, allowing you to keep your DAP upright while still in the case for easier operability. I’ve actually never used the kickstand myself, since I don’t find it long or strong enough to hold up the thick and heavy DAPs I tend to use. 

That said, the new cases will easily hold all but a few of the latest high-end, 5.5-inch ‘super DAPs’ like the Cayin N8ii, Sony WM-1ZM2, and HiBy R8 and RS8, along with two IEMs and small accessories. Buy two or more stackable cases and you’ll have all the space you need for your growing portable audio collection.

Closing thoughts

With a choice of black (it’s grey, as you can see) and blue colourways, Miter’s new square DAP & Earphone cases are the third-time’s-the-charm for me when it comes to storing my personal audio gear. The original clamshell DAP case was too small for many modern DAPs, and while the larger second-generation DAP case had more floorspace, it proved unwieldly when fully-loaded. 

The new square cases have the excellent Miter build quality and finish to go with a more practical, stackable design to store and carry both large and smaller DAPs and earphone systems. With a comfortable footprint and a touch more heigh than the large case, you can add more cases as your collection grows, keeping everything compact and neat without breaking the bank.

Miter’s third-generation DAP & Earphone cases retail for US$60 each, and are available from, Amazon Italy and Amazon Japan.  



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