My first custom in-ear monitor: a personal journey

Journey’s end

Since this was my first-ever CIEM, I wasn’t sure what to expect, either at the start of the process or at the end. Needless to say, I was full of giddy anticipation, and just a bit of apprehension, when I finally received the finished product. 

Putting on a pair of customs for the first time is like nothing else I’ve experienced in this hobby. I expected to have to fiddle with the earpieces, or squeeze them into my ear canals, but just a simple twist, and the cool feeling of the acrylic shells settling perfectly into my ears was utterly satisfying.  It almost felt as if the earpieces were just ‘levitating’ in my ears at first, but pressing them gently, I could tell they were sitting firm.

Better yet, there were no pressure points, not even the slightest force against my sensitive inner ear canals, and no pulling or pinching of the outer ear. While I personally have few fit issues with most universal IEMs, this level of seamless comfort was completely new to me.

The final ‘litmus’ test was connecting the CIEMs to a music player and testing them with a selection of familiar tracks. I’ll be covering this experience in my full review of the Campfire Audio Supermoon in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that, but as a sneak preview, I can tell you that from the very first listen, I’ve rarely been as impressed by an earphone as I was with this, my very own CIEM. 

I’d like to thank Ken Ball, founder and owner of Campfire Audio, for making this journey possible, and Chris from Campfire’s brilliant support team for his patience and valuable assistance throughout the process. 

For anyone in South Africa wanting to have expert ear impressions made, contact Rolien Botha at Cape Town Mediclinic on (021) 423 4100. 



Guy Lerner

Guy Lerner

An avid photographer and writer 'in real life', Guy's passion for music and technology created the perfect storm for his love of portable audio. When he's not playing with the latest and greatest head-fi gear, he prefers to spend time away from the hobby with his two (almost) grown kids and wife in the breathtaking city of Cape Town, and traveling around his native South Africa.


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  1. Hi. I’m from head-fi and looking for nice CIEM as well to match with SP3000. Looking for warm, fun to listen one.

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