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Fidue A83

New IEMs from Fidue announced – A71 dual dynamic and A83 triple hybrid

Fidue A83
Fidue A83

Fidue, designers of the superb A63 model I reviewed last month, have announced two new in-ear earphones slated for release this summer – the A83, a hybrid that will supersede the current A81 model as the company’s flagship, and the A71, a reasonably-priced dual dynamic with an over-the-ear form factor.


Fidue A83

The A83 is a hybrid in-ear earphone, combining two balanced armatures and a 10mm dynamic driver in each earpiece. It utilizes a 3-way crossover and is said to be tuned for a reference sound. The earpieces boast an ergonomic design with an over-the-ear cable configuration. The cable is detachable and utilizes the mini coaxial (MMCX) connectors that have become quite popular in the last year or two following adoption by manufacturers including Shure, Westone, and Onkyo. A high-end silver cable will be included with the earphones.

The A83 will join the growing ranks of 3-way hybrid IEMs, which already includes high performers such as the Dunu DN-1000 and the blisteringly expensive AKG K3003. On paper, the Fidue unit certainly is promising, and I hope to get my hands on it upon release.

The A83 will hit the market in early May with an MSRP of approximately $350.


Fidue A71
Fidue A71

Fidue A71

The A71 model is a dual-driver earphone with one 10mm dynamic driver and one dynamic microdriver (these are typically 6mm or less). It uses a two-way configuration with a crossover in the midrange.

The A71 is designed for over-the-ear wear and boasts a very interesting cable attachment (see image at right). Looks like it should be quite comfortable in the ear.

The Fidue A71 will be launched at the end of May with an MSRP of $99



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4 Responses

  1. The A63 is more focused on the midrange/vocals than the A71. The A71 is more conventional in sound signature with extra bass emphasis and less smoothed-over treble.

    What’s impressive is that the A71 maintains similar clarity despite its bassier, more full-bodied sound, but as far as vocals go it’s not really “better”. If you like vocals to be the focus of the presentation and don’t need the extra warmth, bass power, or note thickness of the A71, the A63 will be a better fit.

  2. The looks are questionable for sure and I still don’t really see the point of memory wire on a straight-barrel earphone, but the sound is nice indeed. If the A71 had more clarity, it would almost keep up with the A83.

  3. Tested them both earlier.

    How can something that looks so bad, sound so nice? T_T

    Now I’m on debate if i should get the a71. It sounds like a love child of the soundmagic e10 and jvc fxt90 but feels just like hard rocks in my ear and it doesn’t look that attractive (atleast to my eyes) —_—; in personal, it looked like a not so good rip-off of the jaybird x buds

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