Noble Audio Django IEM Review – Bold Inside & Out

Verdict –

Though Noble Audio has a clear pricing scheme that generally correlates to the number of drivers, they clearly stress that buyers should research into the model that best suits their tonal preference rather than going straight for the flagship (and this is the reason why Noble has two identically priced flagship earphones). But even among the nicely balanced Sage and the vibrant Dulce Bass, I can easily see a lot of buyers coughing up a bit more for the Django which combines the best elements of both.


It is a steeply priced earphone just shy of $1000 USD so any comments on value are really defunct, but the Django keeps pace with similarly priced models through its exceptional dynamics and powerful yet natural sound. Moreover, they retain enough balance to avoid coming off as muffled or veiled, the Django has a bold analogue character with some sprinkles of solid state resolution, detailing and clarity. They are far from the most revealing, transparent earphone out there and their large housings may present issue for smaller eared folk but the Django is a very compelling in-ear that I would happily recommend.

Verdict – 9/10, The Django is a luxury product first and foremost, but it does provide a similarly extravagant build and performance that suits that price tag. The Django is a wonderful mix of musicality and versatility wrapped within almost class leading dynamics. Their more unorthodox tuning won’t suit every buyer, but many will find enjoyment after acclimatization and few will have any issue with their unfatiguing, musical tones.



Ryan Soo

Ryan Soo

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  1. It does, thanks. It’s rare for someone to have heard all three of these, so your opinion here is invaluable.

  2. Hmmm, that’s a tough question. I think like a lot of people I would go with the Andro, it is the most balanced and their soundstage and resolution are addictive. The Django is fine, but it’s tonality just isn’t for me personally and the fit isn’t as rock solid as the Campfires. The Vega is great too, I think their bass is a bit bombastic for everyday use though if its engagement you want, it doesn’t get much better. It ultimately depends what you’re looking for, I hope that helps!

  3. There are so few reviews of this IEM, so thank you for providing such a complete accounting of its qualities! If you had to pick between the Django, the Andromeda, and the Vega, which would you go with and why?

  4. I only tried the Dulce Bass briefly, from memory, it was considerably bassier with notably more sub-bass slam than the Django but otherwise, both are similar with the same kind of smoother mid-high end though the Dulce Bass might be slightly more v-shaped. The Dulce Bass is also appreciably more compact if you have smaller ears.

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