Nocturnal Eden earphone review – A Perfect balance of Everything


 The Eden has 5BA drivers, one for bass, two for mid range, one for mid-high and one for highs with a 4-way crossover enhanced by AEX technology. Tuned for a balanced signature with equal amount of priority to every part of the spectrum the Eden delivers without any complaints, There is no compromises made what so ever. Let it be bass or mid range or treble region, all of them have equal amount of energy and forwardness and are very well balanced with each other.

 When it comes to bass, the Eden doesn’t deviate farther from a typical BA based earphone. The mid range is fantastically detailed and treble region has very good amount of extension and energy.

 The tonality or say the sound signature of the Eden is very neutral and natural. It is one of the most neutral sounding earphone in its price range.

In their words:-

 “Wicked Sound”

“The sheer clarity shall accentuate the beauty of the Eden. With a special ÆX™ electrical & crossover tuning similar to that found in the Avalon, spatial broadness is achieved with exceptional resolution. The 5 balanced armature drivers in a complex 4-way design can be described as one of the most balanced yet most revealing IEM in its class. Perfection at its finest across the entire frequency spectrum and noticeably fast, the Eden’s beauty is in its capability of presenting details.
Fast punchy Lows, transparent Mids and controlled Highs, Eden is a well tamed sensitive beast.”


 The Eden has one BA driver for bass and the delivery doesn’t go much farther from a typical BA driver bass. It doesn’t have the thump of a dynamic driver but it does manage to mark its presence with good amount of air and rumble. Earphones like Audiofly Af1120 with their dual BA drivers for bass sound considerably flatter. The Eden delivers livelier notes compared to that.

 There are some BA based earphones like the UM Mirage and Inear SD5 who deliver bigger thump and move more air. A dynamic driver earphone like Shozy Pola delivers bigger bass with a bit more mid bass emphasis but doesn’t have the decay speed of the Eden. When compared to flat sounding earphones like AF1120’s Lower end, Eden delivers weightier and less dry notes.

 Eden moves sizeable amount of air with good amount of rumble with sub-bass. The quantity of air and rumble both sits between the Fibae 3 and Um Mirage. The slam is on the lighter side. It has very good sub-bass extension, slightly less than UM Mirage. Eden doesn’t go very deep down low but has better overall body compared to the Fibae 3 thanks to its nicely rounded and fuller mid bass. Mid bass is slightly bigger with body when compared to sub-bass and gives the lower region required amount of fullness. Upper bass is well controlled and nicely merges into lower mid range.

 What impresses me is the decay speed which is faster than UM Mirage and Inear SD5, and still has very good notes thickness. It doesn’t sound meaty or full bodied like the EE bravado or Shozy Pola but it is healthy and more agile.

 Notes are very well defined. They are nicely controlled with fantastic accuracy with good amount of texture. There are no compromises made when it comes to the amount of details and imaging the Eden delivers. The level of accuracy, resolution and amount of resolving details is very good.

 A bass head cannot live with this, but if you are a purist who admires details and accuracy over bass body and size of slam, you will love the way Eden sounds.


 I love my mid ranges very much, so much so that I have been called a mid-head, but for me, all the magic happens in the mid region. It is the back bone of a head gear and the Eden has a hell of a back bone to support it. One of the best to be precise, maybe similar to what Bare Grills has.

 Powered by two BA drivers the mid range has fantastic transparency and clarity, one of the best in its class, better than UM Mirage, Inear SD5 and the Polas. It delivers very detailed but still musical notes. Notes are well paced with accurate decay to them. A faster note would have sounded dry like NCM Bella V2 and a bit slower decay would have sounded more lush like the SD5.

 I have not seen an earphone nail a balance between details, notes body and tonality with perfection like this.

 Transition from upper bass range to lower mid range is perfectly done, with the Avalon it was slightly lacking with energy and forwardness but Nocturnal has done perfectly here. Things don’t get much better than this for any price range. There is very good amount of energy and details and stays in line with both bass and mid range.

 Vocals of the Eden are one of the most accurate in this price range. It is not lush like the Inear SD5 and has better depth compared to the UM mirage. Male vocals have very good texture and throatiness to them. Female Vocals sound very accurate with plenty of texture and details to them. Notes have very good body to them with accurate notes depth. Both male and female vocals have fantastic transparency and clarity. There is little to no complain about the vocals.

 Instruments too keep the evenness with notes and are not overly sharp or thin, there no room for sibilance at all. They have very good amount to energy and bite to them without a hint of being uncomfortable. They have fantastic amount of details, resolution, clarity and transparency. I love the way the Eden projects its mid range, the level of resolution and the type of imaging it delivers is exceptional. The Eden doesn’t try to push the notes out of their limit to sound more detailed, it does so by having better transparency and clarity. Upper mid range has no problems what so ever. It has very good amount of energy and stay in level with the rest of the spectrum. This is where the UM Mirage gets thin and SD5 tend to show some spikes, the Eden keeps things perfectly in control.

 Stage size of the Eden is very good, less in the head, more outside with very good height, width and depth. It is bigger than the Sd5 and is slightly smaller than the UM Mirage with balanced cables. Thanks to the bigger stage size, layering and separation is very good and is 2nd to none. It maintains very good density and is up to the class.


 Brands tend to mess up with the transition region of upper mid range to lower treble region. UM mirage messed it up a bit by making this transition thin and slightly more forward, where SD5 introduces a bit of spikes, the Shozy Pola struggles with keeping the notes even.

 Nocturnal got wise here and introduced a mid-high driver to help the transition and it does it perfectly. I have already mentioned in the mid range section that the upper mid stays perfectly in line with rest of the spectrum without losing any energy and forwardness which makes the transition from upper mid range to lower treble region is as good as it gets, thanks to this driver.

 There is another driver for treble only and that helps with the extension. Extension of the Eden is as good as the SD5 and UM Mirage. The overall tonality and notes thickness is very similar to the rest of the spectrum, which is remarkable as many earphones struggle to manage this. There is plenty of energy and good amount of spark which is maintained deep into the spectrum. Let it be pianos, trumpets or cymbals, they have the very good amount of texture to them. Finishing of the notes along with the presentation is very good. Let it be resolution, clarity or imaging, the Eden delivers without any problem.

 What impresses me the most is the amount of composure the Eden exhibits. Its control and accuracy is something very hard to come across. Needless to say that the level details of the Eden is fantastic, coming from the Shozy Pola, I find this treble more mature, and more accurate. Layering and separation is class leading, there is very good amount of air in between instruments.

 If you enjoy top end energy and spark with plenty of texture and without sounding thin or remotely dull, The Eden delivers plenty of satisfaction.



Suman Sourav Meher

Suman Sourav Meher

My humble audiophile journey started in 2010, when I was in college, where I fell in love with the elements, nuances, and variations of this mesmerizing world. The ability of tiny earphones to recreate amazing sounds made my bad days tolerable and good days better! Now I am a full-time audiophile with a preference for musical tracks, especially vocals and engaging ones. I must admit I am addicted, but not to drugs or alcohol, but to earphones. Come join me as I share my experiences, bad or good, and let’s have some fun!


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