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Advanced AcousticWerkes CIEMs

Null Audio announces new low cost hybrid CIEMs from Advanced AcousticWerkes

Advanced AcousticWerkes CIEMs

Null-Audio is at it again, this time partnering with Advanced AcousticWerkes of Singapore to bring low-cost hybrid custom in-ear monitors (CIEMs) to the market with fast turn-around times. There are two product lines, the entry level Musiker line and the Meister lines. A focus of the new line is better coherence between the dynamic and balanced armature drivers compared with the previous Elpis hybrid.

Advanced AcousticWerkes CIEMsMusiker Line:

  • A1D – $249 SGD ($199 USD): Single 10mm dynamic driver CIEM with a balanced sound signature.
  • A2H – $299 SGD ($239 USD): Two-way dual-driver hybrid CIEM with a consumer sound signature, which has a gradual bass boost starting at 500 Hz that increases to about 6 dB above neutral at 20 Hz.
  • A2H-V – $349 SGD ($279 USD): Same as the A2H, but tuned to be balanced, with the” V” representing vocal. The “V” version has better clarity than the standard version, but with a more neutral bass response. Reported to have exceptional coherence, and better than the Elpis product it is replacing.
  • A3H & A3H-V – $TBD: Triple-driver hybrid CIEMs under development. Tuning will be similar to the A2H/A2H-V.

The cost of the Musiker line should allow for those that haven’t yet heard a hybrid, or a custom in-ear monitor have the opportunity, and be tempting for those that typically wouldn’t think of getting one.

Advanced AcousticWerkes CIEMs


Meister Line:

  • W100 – $599 SGD ($478): Single 9mm dynamic CIEM that offers better clarity and resolution compared with the A1D, with a bit more bass quantity and quality as well as more forward vocals. There is a special pre-order price for the W100 of $400 SGD ($319 USD) through July 31st.
  • W300AR – $899 SGD ($717): Triple-driver 3-way hybrid CIEM tuned with a focus on the midrange and treble, but with the dynamic driver extending up into the higher midrange for a spacious but vocal-forward presentation. Individual BAs are used for the two high drivers with a high level of detail, and all three drivers have their own sound tube. There is a special pre-order price for the W300AR of $700 SGD ($559 USD) through July 31st.


Additional notes on the Advanced AcousitWerkes products:

  • Turn time is estimated at 4 weeks.
  • If you purchase 2nd hand, there is a $100 SGD transfer fee which includes a reshell and 6 month renewed warranty.
  • The connectors are all MMCX, and additional options may be added in July/August.

The products are available from Null-Audio as well as other distributors in select countries, and demo units are available for audition.

There will be a demo tour, with more information to follow.





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