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NXEars Official Retail Launch Sale!

NXEars are a relative newcomer in the industry, but the staff behind the company carry years of experience with Knowles and Nuforce – just to name a few of their ventures. This was showcased in our previous review of a pre-production Opera, the company’s 8-BA flagship with a phase-coherent crossover and patented AGL technology. I found this earphone to offer a highly-coherent midrange and outstanding imaging with retail units promising enhanced bass heft and slam due to a new copper faceplate design.

Following numerous delays by the recent pandemic, the company has only just gotten their hands on the first wave of retail units which will start shipping immediately. In celebration, the company is proud to offer a 15% discount until the initial stock runs out.

Buyers can use the code “summer15” for savings across their entire product range. You can see NXEars earphone lineup here.



Ryan Soo

Ryan Soo

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