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Oh How Far Thy Ears Do See – A Review of the Vision Ears VE8

Vision Ears provided the VE8 and VE6 as loaners for the purpose of this review, for good or ill.

The VE8 roughly sells for $2,647 and the VE6XC for $2,192
(USD conversion calculated via Google and rounded to the nearest dollar)

When I first contacted Vision Ears, enquiring about the VE8 and VE6, their immediate response was, “Where is that VE5 review jelt promised us a year ago?”

Shit! I had no idea what they were talking about, but I told them I’d get to the bottom of it. Something like a week later, jelt posted his review, and Pinky was a hero to many. The land of THL knew happy days again.

Then the package from VE arrived, and the happiness only deepened.

Vision Ears’ boxing is nice, and exhibits the sort of luxury you’d expect from these prices. The cable is comfortable, well-made, and sounds good. The tips are, as always, utterly useless. After a cursory inspection, I neglected them in favor of my standard: JVC Spiral Dots.

You cannot buy universal fit Vision Ears IEMs. They only sell customs. Which is f**king insane, since the universals they make for demos are some of the best-fitting you’ll ever find. They lock into the contours of your ear like a custom. It’s wild! I’m a big fan of this design, and urge them to add this option to their store. Also, they ought to share this mold with Unique Melody, as they could really use help with their universals.

The VE6XC stands apart from the VE8, due to the switch on the faceplate. In one positon, the sound is very neutral, in the other, it gets “fun”, filling out the low-end by a few dB. This is the all-in-one package of the two versions of the VE6 they sell. If you’re familiar with Pinky’s tastes at all, it ought to come as no surprise I favor the more robust setting. That is how I shall compare the two. The neutral settings is just too bland and thin.



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