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Oriveti OH300 Earphone Review – The Dark Knight

Pros – 

Balanced across the spectrum, Improved headroom and isolation, Clean tone throughout, Gorgeous stock cable and accessory set

Cons – 

Not as linear as previous Oriveti earphones, Midrange timbre slightly off, Large housings

Verdict – 

The OH300 differentiates itself by capitalising on its hybrid driver platform without overstating its emphasis nor hiding its resolving power behind its dark background.

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Introduction –

Oriveti caught my eye almost half a decade ago with their original Primacy. It sported a smooth sound and an excellent metal design reminiscent of Phonak’s perfect fit earphones; indeed that’s what was provided and I remain a big fan. The HK-based company was also among the first to offer such a hybrid driver setup at a reasonable price – in a time where AKG was charging $1000 and other options could be counted on one hand. Unfortunately, the modern market is not so forgiving, hybrids are abundant, cheap and offer myriad flavours of sound. The OH300 and OH500 are Oriveti’s newest offerings coming in at $300 USD and $500 USD respectively with 3 and 5-driver configurations. Oriveti also offers their excellent Affinity upgrade cable for an additional $100 if bundled with either ($199 standalone price). Both offer similar signatures with the OH300 serving as the direct replacement for the New Primacy. In-line, it retains similar emphasis on vocals and tone, now imbued with newfound energy and a complete redesign that brings Oriveti up to speed with the new market. You can read more about the OH300 earphones here.

Disclaimer – 

I would like to thank Oriveti very much for their quick communication and for providing me with the OH300 for the purpose of review. All words are my own and there is no monetary incentive for a positive review. Despite receiving the earphones free of cost, I will attempt to be as objective as possible in my evaluation.

Accessories –


The new Oriveti earphones impress with their unboxing experience much like the Primacy earphones before them. The square hard boxe slides open to reveal the earphones and accessories nestled within a protective foam inlet. Though the aluminium case included with the new Primacy was gorgeous, the same can be said for the button-up leather cases included with the new OH earphones. Meanwhile, the cable and ear tips are housed in separate boxes, the ear tips, of note, come within their own plastic case, a handy addition for frequent travellers. Such a fully-featured accessory set contributes towards a surprisingly

Design –

Smooth. That’s the descriptor that first strikes when handling the OH300.  Though sacrificing the compact dimensions and metal construction of the Primacy, the handmade resin OH earphones are shapelier; featuring a snugger, more ear-filling design. They have a total lack of hard edges that permit a comfortable fit and prevent the formation of hotspots during long listening sessions. The lightweight housings and well-angled nozzle ensure the earphones remain stable during active use.


As they are fairly large, the OH earphones do protrude slightly from the ear, though as the vent for the dynamic driver is on the inner face, wind noise was not an issue during my testing. Isolation is very good, almost on par with fully-sealed models, especially with foam eartips. They are perfectly suited for frequent commuters with their isolating design and stable fit.


In typical Oriveti fashion, the included removable MMCX cable is excellent. I was enamoured by its 8-core design and ergonomic square braid that resists tangles and minimises microphonic noise. The sheathing is smooth the cable soft and compliant without memory or springiness. All terminations are a uniform anodized black aluminium with ample strain-relief. The new cable also implements pre-moulded ear guides that hug the back of the ear to provide greater fit stability.

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