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Oriveti OH500 Review – Revealing, Rhapsodic

Pros – 

Excellent balance and tone, Comfortable housings with excellent cable, Strong detail retrieval and presentation

Cons – 

Slight vocal forwardness may not suit those wanting a more laid-back sound, Large housings

Verdict – 

The OH500 represents an immediate upgrade to the OH300 and a strong option within its price range for its balanced signature and well-detailed yet clean and composed treble performance.

Introduction –

With the launch of their original Primacy, Oriveti made a lauded appearance on the front pages of review websites and forums alike. After a lengthy dormancy, the company has returned with two new offerings, the OH300 that serves as a direct replacement to their former earphone, and the OH500 suiting those wanting higher performance. Both earphones carry a similar sound signature with the OH500 offering enhanced technicalities and slightly revised tuning with its two additional Knowles drivers. This comes alongside a price increase to $499 USD. The OH500 represents a sound deal, utilising a sophisticated driver setup to realise an organically tuned house sound. You can read more about the OH500 here.

Disclaimer – 

I would like to thank Oriveti very much for their quick communication and for providing me with the OH500 for the purpose of review. All words are my own and there is no monetary incentive for a positive review. Despite receiving the earphones free of cost, I will attempt to be as objective as possible in my evaluation.

Accessories –


The OH500 provides an identical experience to the OH300, impressing with its unboxing experience much like the Primacy earphones before it. The square hard box slides open to reveal the earphones and accessories nestled within a protective foam inlet. Though the aluminium case included with the new Primacy was gorgeous, the same can be said for the button-up leather cases included with the new OH earphones. Meanwhile, the cable and ear tips are housed in separate boxes, the ear tips, of note, come within their own plastic case, a handy addition for frequent travellers.

Design –

Similar to its unboxing, so too does the OH500 share the same design as the OH300, and this is a good thing indeed. Though sacrificing the compact dimensions and metal construction of the Primacy, the OH500’s handcrafted resin shells are shapelier with a more ear-filling design. Its smooth edges and rounded design permits a comfortable fit and prevents the formation of hotspots during long listening sessions.


The housings are lightweight and the nozzles well angled to ensure the earphones remain stable during wear. Being a larger earphone, the OH500 protrudes slightly from the ear, though as the vent for the dynamic driver is on the inner face, wind noise was not an issue during my testing. Isolation is very good, almost on par with fully-sealed models, especially with foam eartips. They are perfectly suited for frequent commuters with their isolating design and stable fit.


In typical Oriveti fashion, the included removable MMCX cable is excellent. I was enamoured by its 8-core design and ergonomic square braid that resists tangles and minimises microphonic noise. The sheathing is smooth the cable soft and compliant without memory or springiness. All terminations are a uniform anodized black aluminium with ample strain-relief. The new cable also implements pre-moulded ear guides that hug the back of the ear to provide greater fit stability.

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