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Oukitel Flagship WP19 World’s Largest Battery Rugged Smartphone Coming Late JUNE with 64MP Main and 20MP IR Night-version Cameras

After having launched those two huge battery-rugged smartphones WP15 and WP18 successfully, Oukitel now is presenting the latest WP19, which has the largest phone battery capacity-21,000mAh in the world and an advanced IR night version camera.

The WP19 is designed for outdoor adventures as it will never fail to offer you solid and rugged features. One of the most impressive functions is the 21,000mAh battery capacity, which is marked as the largest power smartphone on the market. With the huge battery, WP19 can support you a week of daily use maximum in the wild. This is definitely an ideal device for all outdoors-men as WP19 can enable you to experience reliable connection and navigation all the time. WP19 is also your best portable backup power supply. With the huge battery capacity and reverse charging, WP19 can support a week of daily use maximum and power your other electric devices in any emergency situations. You will not be insecure and isolated at all with this beast since the WP19 is always in power for keeping in touch with your families and friends and enjoying music, video, or gaming in any environment. 

WP19 brings you great peace of mind from its massive battery, and it also comes out with another outstanding camera setup. This WP19 power giant equips with the SAMSUNG 64MP main camera and SONY 20MP Night version one, which allows you to capture the scenes in all different situations, even in the pitch dark. 

Moreover, the 4 Infrared Radiation Emitters at the back of WP19 have significantly expanded the visual range up to 20 meters. That IR intensity will be automatically adjusted for better image quality with clarity in the dark areas. You will feel safe with the WP19 night version camera since it can detect anything that would put you in danger potentially. You can avoid those fierce wild animals in the late night, tracking the path back to your campsites, or searching for lost items in the dark.

There will be more updates about the other features of WP19. This flagship rugged phone will be available for purchase on AliExpress in late June, which has already been confirmed by Oukitel Company. You can explore more about WP19 on Oukitel’s official website.

WP19 Trailer Video: 

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