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Ourart Ti7 Review – Full Sound Without An Empty Wallet

Introduction –

Newcomer Ourart seemingly came out of nowhere; while audio enthusiasts are frequently bombarded with promotional material on social media, Ourart’s unique designs really drew some positive attention. Their new Ti7 earbud turned heads with its original metal design, 8-core cable and accessible $59 USD asking price. In addition, Ourart promise high fidelity audio through the earbud’s 14.2mm titanium drivers and the Ti7’s removable cable will drastically extend their lifetime when compared to fixed models. Let’s see how Ourart’s sharp new earbud performs.

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Disclaimer –

I would like to thank Chi Kong Hui from PenonAudio very much for his quick communication and for providing me with the U3 for the purpose of review. All words are my own and there is no monetary incentive for a positive review. Despite receiving the earphones free of cost, I will attempt to be as objective as possible in my evaluation.


Accessories –


Ourart provide an interesting unboxing, a handsome sleeve reveals the hard box underneath adorned with the Ourart insignia. Upon opening the box, buyers are greeted with a pleasing presentation showcasing the design of the earbuds.


Just underneath are the accessories, a shirt clip, 8 pairs of donut foams and 8 pairs of coloured foams. Ourart also offer a silver upgrade cable for $20 or $30 with a mic/single button remote.

Design –


Finally an original earbud shell! The Ti7 is one of the most distinct earbuds on the market, featuring an all metal build and removable cable that makes mincemeat of the plastic MX500 and Yuin buds. Further yet, their design is absolutely striking with angular sound chambers mated to a sweeping sound output. Laser etched Ourart logos adorn the outer faces and no, they aren’t printed upside down, the earbuds are designed to be worn over the ear. Through such a fit, the earbuds achieve excellent stability perfect for those who struggle with earbuds falling out of their ears.


The front of the earbuds are very open revealing the silver drivers below. Given their vastly different fit than in-ears, I am less concerned about debris and wax build up and foam covers do provide an impermeable layer of protection during daily use. The earbuds have an excellent gunmetal finish with almost perfect machining. I was unable to detect any imperfections beside a small chip on one earpiece though macro photos did pick up some smaller scratches out of the box. Still, the Ti7’s are a far cry from the competition, they feel just as solid as the 1More earbuds if less sculpted in their design.


Though they appear sharp and angular, like Campfire’s earphones, the Ti7 achieves a comfortable fit that formed no hotspots for me even after extended listening. Thanks to their cable routing, they were more stable than my Earpods, Fiio EM3 and Rose earbuds though my Yuin based Shozy’s and MX500 style earbuds provided a similar experience for my ears. They are on the smaller size closer to the Yuin’s which will suite smaller eared or younger listeners as opposed to the much larger Rose Masya and VE earbuds.


And though the Ti7 assumes an over-ear fit they are perfectly comfortable when worn cable down too. Perhaps most importantly, the Ti7 has a removable cable that not only enables replacement due to daily wear and tear but also allows for upgrades later down the road. The MMCX connectors are super snappy without any intermittency and the connectors held their place perfectly well even when worn cable down. The stock cable is a sturdy braided 8-core unit with an Oyaide style right angled plug. The connector is case friendly and the cable itself is very supple and tangle resistant.

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